It couldn t be done poem questions and answers

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It Couldnt Be Done by Edgar Albert Guest

it couldn t be done poem questions and answers

AQA GCSE English Literature Paper 2 Section B: Anthology Poetry

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Guest structured each of these octaves with a consistent rhyme scheme. The lines follow the pattern of ababcdcd, alternating as the poet saw fit from stanza to stanza. There are moments in which rhymes are repeated though. The sound is a unifying element that helps to connect each octave. The man in the poem is not deterred by the naysayer and does the thing immediately and quickly. He is confident and proud of his own abilities, a fact which enables his success. He is not willing to accept that this task cannot be completed, unless he tries it himself and fails.

Read the oral poem below and then answer the questions that follow He couldn't wait, eh! For the child of my mother To finish school He begged, eh! That man begged He begged and begged He couldn't wait, eh! For the child of my mother To dress up Questions. Old and New She went up the mountain to pluck wild herbs, She came down the mountain and met her former husband, She knelt down and asked her former husband, What do you find your new wife like? My new wife, although her talk is clever, Cannot charm me as my old wife could, In beauty of face there is not much to choose, But in usefulness they are not at all alike, My new wife comes in from the road to meet me, My old wife always came down from her tower. My new wife is clever at embroidering silk; My old wife was good at plain sewing.

When a poet can't answer standardized test questions about her own poems, kids are screwed.

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It Couldn't Be Done





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