Eyeless jack and jeff the killer

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Eyeless jack quiz

eyeless jack and jeff the killer

Eyeless Jack x Jeff The Killer (YAOI)

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Jeff kneeled down to jack, he said in a very soft voice like silk "its alright, you can show me i wont tell anyone" jack uncovered his face, he was stunning in jeffs eyes, he looked like a normal guy, a hot guy, only with gray skin and with no eyes, which he thought made him even cuter. See More by SplitMindBunny. Eridan wakes up to find himself alive, but everyone els, there all gone…Everyone…The leader…just everyone gone, he expects its a dream, a horrible, horrible dream…He went to sleep, than woke up, shivering from a horrible dream, everyone was alive…Even Fef…But Fef…. Fef was screaming, looking at her KO'd matesprit.. And looking back at Eridan, pointing his wand to her, getting ready to kill her, he couldn't move..

Jack sighed happily, safely nestled in a tree and without a care in the world. Well, not really, he was just pretending it was that way. He wasn't relaxing, he was spying. On a murderer, no less. Jack himself was no saint, but on a good day he didn't kill anyone- only borrow a few unneeded organs. He wasn't sure how his mind put it as 'borrow', since he never returned anything. He ate them because he got a hunger.

Eyeless jack quiz. Take this quiz and see which one protects YOU.
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Jeff: he says he listens to heavy metal, because he likes being seen as punk rock. EJ: he likes things that are indie independent ; troye sivan and stuff like that. It calms him in times like of stress. His favourite artist is highkey britney spears. Sally: That creepy music that most youtube channels make nightcore remixes of. Things like Hide and seek is her favourite.

Jeff walked out of a patch of woods with a beer in his hand and saw a house to take shelter for the night. He opened the door. He was about ready to get some rest until the moon shined through the rotted out ceiling. All he could say was, "What the fuck is this shit? He saw nothing but he had a feeling that he was being watched. He eventually calmed down and he started to walk out of the house until he heard something.

More Fanfiction. I was in a motel. Looking at the mirror ceiling, just staring at myself. Motionless, expressionless, just looking at the evil man in the mirror. My evil, evil smile. It was the same motel where I encountered Jane for the first time. Blood battered sweatshirt, that started as white, was now covered in red.

Jeff the Killer vs Eyeless Jack


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Jeff's Fault? =+= "Why are these days so boring?" Jeff was lying on the couch playing with his knife. "Ohi EJ would you like to go killin' someone?" He looked at .
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  1. Jeff was attacked one night and was injured so Eyeless Jack had to take care of him since they were friends but what happens when strange feelings start to dev .

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