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will ferrell eastbound and down


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Ashley and his flowing white locks had been the arch nemesis of Kenny Powers for about as long as the show's been on the air, but has he ever been so cartoonish? His outlandish behavior was easier to swallow -- as outrageous is kind of a signature of the show -- than his antics later with a cannon in his backyard. After getting into some trouble with his old luxury car dealership, Ashley is now running a Kia dealership and he's none too pleased about it. But he also has Kenny's old pal Stevie in his employ, humiliating him at every turn. But no matter how humiliated Stevie was at the dealership, it was nothing to what Ashley subjected him to later at his home. Ashley was hosting a dinner party for some of his associates from South Korea, and while he insulted them throughout, the biggest insult was when Stevie was dressed like a geisha and paraded around for the men. It wasn't until Kenny Powers showed up with a sword in hand that Stevie even realized how far he'd been pushed and humiliated.

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The new comedy series "Life's Too Short" debuts immediately after the season debut at p. Picking up a year after season two, the third season finds Kenny in action on the "Redneck Riviera" aka Myrtle Beach, SC , somehow resurrecting his baseball career by becoming the closer for the minor-league Myrtle Beach Mermen. Even as he tries to pass himself off as the "King of Myrtle Beach," Kenny struggles to come to terms with growing older and accepting the responsibilities of being a new father. Jason Sudeikis "Saturday Night Live" joins the cast as Kenny's new best friend and kindred spirit Shane, a veteran catcher with the Mermen. Enjoying a new lease on his baseball career as the closer for the minor-league Myrtle Beach Mermen, Kenny Powers Danny McBride settles into a life of body-boarding, jet-skiing and hard-partying with his catcher, Shane Jason Sudeikis.

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On October 27, HBO announced it was renewing the show for a third season. On June 6, , HBO announced that the fourth season would be the show's last. - The series, which ran on HBO for four seasons, was one of those shows that seemed perpetually on the brink of cancellationthough not for lack of comedic power. Each season sees Kenny at a different crossroads, and typically one that will take him further away from fame, which seems to be the one burning desire that can override all of his other emotions.

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  1. Eastbound & Down is an American sports comedy television series that was broadcast on HBO, Producers Will Ferrell and Adam McKay received an order for six episodes for the first season from HBO. The series was produced by Will.

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