Convection is the up and down movement of currents and

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The Sun and Convection Currents

convection is the up and down movement of currents and

Convection is the up and down movement of currents, like liquids and gasses caused by heat transfer. This movement is due to DENSITY DIFFERENCES.

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Convection is the motion of a fluid driven by temperature differences across that fluid. When a fluid is heated , the region in closest contact with the heat source becomes less dense due to increased kinetic energy in the particles. The portion of fluid that is less dense then rises, while the denser portion of fluid sinks. The process repeats itself because the less dense fluids cool down as they move away from their heat source, making them sink, while the denser fluids heat up as they near the heat source, making them rise. This creates convection currents.

Convection currents transfer heat from one place to another by mass motion of a fluid such as water, air or molten rock. Convection is different from conduction, which is a transfer of heat between substances in direct contact with each other. Convection currents rely on the constant cyclical motion of air, water and other substances to distribute heat. As heated air rises, for example, it pulls cooler air into its place -- where it can be heated, rise, and pull in more cool air. Convection currents form because a heated fluid expands, becoming less dense. The less-dense heated fluid rises away from the heat source. As it rises, it pulls cooler fluid down to replace it.

Heat moves in three ways: Radiation, conduction, and convection. Radiation happens when heat moves as energy waves, called infrared waves, directly from its source to something else. This is how the heat from the Sun gets to Earth. In fact, all hot things radiate heat to cooler things. When the heat waves hits the cooler thing, they make the molecules of the cooler object speed up. When the molecules of that object speed up, the object becomes hotter.

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Convection is the heat transfer due to the bulk movement of molecules within fluids such as gases and liquids , including molten rock rheid. Convection includes sub-mechanisms of advection directional bulk-flow transfer of heat , and diffusion non-directional transfer of energy or mass particles along a concentration gradient., Heat energy can be transferred from one place to another by three main processes. When a hot object touches a cool object, heat moves from the hot one to the cool one.






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