Difference between five star and seven star hotel

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What Is a Seven Star Hotel?

difference between five star and seven star hotel

What is the difference between 5 Star and 7 Star Hotel? accepted rating systems offer one to five stars, with five denoting the highest luxury.

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There's just one little problem: Seven-star hotels don't exist anymore. The accolade speaks to the hotel's outlandish qualities: fantastical Arabian decor, helicopter tours, a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms, a reception on every floor, hour butler services, and Ferrari and Lamborghini rentals. Nowadays, "seven-star" is just a clever tagline that portends an over-the-top experience. Where does it stop? While travelers might assume every hotel goes through a rigorous review procedure, the world of hotel ratings is inconsistent at best.

Difference between hotel star ratings such as five star and seven star is a question to all of us who are not aware of this hotel star rating system. The hotel star rating is ambiguous in the absence of an international standard for ratings. Some countries have their own criteria for ratings, whereas some others have jointly standardized the classification at regional level. Yet some hotels give stars to themselves, basically for marketing purpose. Generally, the room size and additional amenities in a room, restaurant, entertainment, swimming pool, spa, gym and fitness centre, variations in room such as suite, conference facilities, shopping and sports facility, bar, locality and environ may be considered in the star rating. However, the five-star hotels are worldwide classified as quintessential luxury hotels, offering thrills beyond the comfort of stay. Some special facilities provided by five star are: 24 hours reception, Doorman service or valet parking, Concierge, page boy, reception area with seating facilities, information desk, and personalized welcome, beverage service, special surprises, mini bar, 24 hour food and beverage offer via room service, personal care products in flacons, internet service attached PCs, safe in the room, laundry and ironing service return within 1 h , shoe polish service, turndown service in the evening, sauna or a workout room and mystery guest.

Hotel ratings are often used to classify hotels according to their quality. From the initial purpose of informing travellers on basic facilities that can be expected, the objectives of hotel rating have expanded into a focus on the hotel experience as a whole. There is a wide variety of rating schemes used by different organizations around the world. Many have a system involving stars , with a greater number of stars indicating greater luxury. The AAA and their affiliated bodies use diamonds instead of stars to express hotel and restaurant ratings levels.

Do Seven-Star Hotels Really Exist?

Difference Between 5 Star and 7 Star Hotel

Hotel Online News for the Hospitality Executive. In another article I quoted an hotel owner in the south of England, who said that the new system was a waste of time, because it did not align itself with the international system. In I gave an overview of the only two five-star hotels in Istria, Croatia. We were left in no doubt that both establishments were in the five-star category, even though Croatia does not have a national system of hotel assessment. I know because I visited both establishments.

Difference Between Five (5) Star Hotel and Seven (7) Star Hotel

The star system helps travelers assess cost, amenities, and level of luxury at various hotels they will stay at. When assessing options for travel, a key consideration is budget. Whether you are counting every penny or looking to spare no expense for the luxury trip of a lifetime, the travel industry has developed many tools to assist the you in the right options. The star system is used by the tourism industry as a common shorthand for advising travelers on the level of cost, amenities and luxury at various lodging accommodations. Stars are used to describe a variety of properties including hotels, motels, beds and breakfasts, inns and restaurants. There is no central body that awards star ratings to hotels internationally, although many countries may manage this on a centralized basis. Stars most commonly are ranked from one lowest to five highest.

For quite a long time, five star hotels have been known as the most luxurious ones. Now, several hotels have been awarded seven stars. Previous classifications were on a scale of one to five, five being the highest; a seven star hotel would be ranked as the most luxurious hotel in the world. What makes it different? Hotels, like restaurants, movies, and TV shows, are classified by a star rating. Hotels are usually rated based on the quality of the food, the location, accessibility, room sizes, amenities, view, and the availability and quality of fitness centers and spa. So far, there has not been a uniform hotel ranking guide, which is why standards vary from country to country.

Before getting to know the difference between 5 star and 7 star hotel, it is important to know something about the star rating systems used for hotels. There is no global rating system to rank hotels, so there are various systems designed and used by various travel organizations, websites and government bodies. Most of these use a star system, with the greater number of stars indicating the greater luxury. Nevertheless, all the well-known and universally accepted rating systems offer one to five stars, with five denoting the highest luxury. However, some hotels are generally known and sometimes advertised as seven-star hotels. But, there are no definite guidelines or criteria to describe how these hotels are ranked.

Dubai's Burj Al Arab made headlines as the world's first seven-star hotel, but wasn't actually rated as such by an authorized body. The Alessandro Rosso Group chairman became world's first to receive an official seven-star rating for his hotel, and thus far, he's the only one. He reached out to Geneva-based certification company SGS , which established a series of requirements for a hotel to be seven-star-qualified.
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  1. Five Star Hotel vs. Seven Star Hotel For quite a long time, five star hotels have been known as the most luxurious ones. Now, several hotels.

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