Blaire white before and after

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blaire white before and after

Blaire White. My boyfriend Joey reacts to my old boy (pre-transition) photos. Blaire White , views.

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Blaire White and her boyfriend were dressed all wrong to attend an anti-Trump rally on Hollywood Boulevard. The couple were both wearing red "Make America Great Again" hats when they walked into a throng of protesters. After that, things went just about how they expected they would. According to White, a male protester almost immediately snatched off her boyfriend's hat and threw it to the ground. When White went to retrieve it, she said the protester stomped on her hand and broke her nail, causing her to bleed. Later, when the two were making their way out of the crowd, White said a passerby threw liquid in her face she believed to be alcohol. White, a conservative YouTube personality, caught it all on video, which had been her intention from the start: The stunt had been a "social experiment" to show her viewers just how maligned conservatism can be.

Blaire White September 14, is a YouTube talker who self-identifies as a " transgender conservative commentator ". In short: Blaire White is the Milo Yiannopoulos of trans issues. As of April 8th , White's YouTube channel had over k subscribers and White is a trans woman who started undergoing transition in As a result, her views on GSM issues often get extra respect despite being contradicted by science. Indeed, White routinely holds views contrary to those of scientific professionals on trans issues:. White "doesn't like the LGBT community", [30] even though it's largely because of them that she has the freedom to be who she is.

Blaire White born: September 14, [age 25] is a MTF transgender YouTuber who mainly discusses politics and her satire of extreme leftist views.
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Blaire White is an American transgender anti-feminist activist, known for her fiery views expressed through her YouTube Channel. These are considered to be some of her most controversial:. I say check it out for yourself. I really like her. I find it erroneous on both ends of these shitty catfights between whackjob leftists and alt-right elitists. Feminism is not what it once was. Third wave Feminism is essentially self victimizing, Gyno-centric Fascism masked as an egalitarian movement, and right wing movements of today are simply leaning too far toward pseudo-Darwinistic egoism.


Meet Blaire White, the Transgender Trump Supporter Winning Over Conservatives on YouTube

Blaire White




I Used The Men's Bathroom (But I'm Trans...)



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  1. Blaire White is an American YouTuber. She is transgender and studied computer science in After she was unsatisfied with studying computer science at college, White began posting anti-feminist political videos on the platform in December.

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