Rv water lines and fittings

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RV Plumbing Fittings

rv water lines and fittings

That's because the water lines in most RVs are plastic “PEX” pipe. Additionally, the Watts fittings allow you to attach to a host of other plumbing materials.

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In the past, RV units were equipped with different types of connections to put the RV water lines together. These connectors include crimps, elbows, copper and similar fittings. Now new plastic compression fittings make it easier to pop the RV water lines together by simply sliding the pipe into the compression fitting until it hits the bottom. Compression fittings can be used to upgrade your current water line or to connect new additions, such as an outside shower or new faucets in the kitchen. These compression fittings are residential grade and come in various forms, including elbow, T and with a handle to turn it on and off.

RV water lines have changed over the years. Older style RV water lines used to be a hard plastic with a lot of metal elbows and crimp ends.
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Most manufacturers have started using plastic half-inch tubing with flared ends when installing RV water lines into newer model units. The new Pex tubing used for RV water lines is of residential grade and designed to last longer. With new Pex tubing installed for your RV water lines you will notice that there are less banging noises from pipes moving when the water system is turned on and opened up. Plus, these new plastic pipes can expand up to one and one-half times its original size, meaning there is less chance the RV water lines will bust, crack or leak when frozen. Pex tubes come in different colors — red and blue — making it possible to color code different RV water lines. The blue tubes are used for cold water systems and the red is used for hot water systems.

In fact, most new homes and commercial buildings use it too. It is so much cheaper than metal pipe and because it is flexible it is easier and less expensive to install as well. It also makes it easier to do your own RV plumbing repair. The manufacturer of our RV made this choice. Manufactures can choose plastic or metal fittings to join lengths of PEX and connect the PEX tubing to appliances and fixtures. Regardless of which kind of fittings used, the fittings are connected using a crimp ring that is set with a special crimping tool.

Most modern RV's and motorhomes now come with fresh water pumps that have low quality fittings designed to work but not last. For you this could be a problem, when fitting's are subjected to heavy amounts of use and high pressures over time they begin to break down causing leaks and water damage to occur. Even so the fitting can completely break down and go in to your water pump, damaging your system even more. Here at RVupgrades we carry all different types and angles of fitting's, that are made of high quality materials and are designed to last. Sea Tech products are among the best brands when it comes to RV fittings.

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