Of monsters and men my head is an animal zip

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Of Monsters And Men

of monsters and men my head is an animal zip

My Head Is an Animal, by Of Monsters and Men. Free. Download these for free. #. filename. type. size. status. 01 Dirty tangoo.info3. MB. 02 King and Lionheart.

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Iceland is out there, an island of just , inhabitants all alone in the North Atlantic, and there's something about that remote land of volcanoes and Nordic culture that produces a bumper crop of innovative musicians and singers from Bjork to Sigur Ros. The latest band from Iceland to charm its way onto international pop charts is Of Monsters and Men, with their hit single, "Little Talks," which we feature in our online series, "Quick Hits. But for this episode's global hit we decided to present "Mountain Sound," a lesser known but equally quirky and delightful song from their album "My Head is an Animal. We met up with the band in a warehouse in Los Angeles during a U. Not bad for a band that formed in and never expected much more than entertaining themselves and their friends.

After their success, topping the Icelandic charts with their debut single, " Little Talks ", the band signed with Universal Music Group and the album was released in North America through Republic Records on 3 April The title of the album comes from the second line in " Dirty Paws ". The picture on the front of the international release is a picture that Brynjar's grandfather took of his friend. The original was black and white; Arnar Hilmarsson added the coloring. The picture on the back is a family picture that Ragnar found in his family pictures. The pictures on the front and back of the Icelandic release depict men dressed for the Icelandic national sport of Glima. It was released on 12 April , in the lead up to the album's re-release in Europe.

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Of Monsters and Men

You think you know the Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men, but you have no idea. Within the first minute of their new single 'Alligator' you'll be wondering if this huge anthem is the brainchild of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fronting Arcade Fire — all thumping drums, brimming guitars and a call-to-arms chorus about taking control. It's been in the offing for three years but — finally — it's soon to be out of their hands. Shortly behind them like a pair of mischievous school stragglers are the remaining members: drummer Arnar Rosenkranz Hilmarsson and youngest of the pack — guitarist Brynjar Leifsson. It started when a radio station in Philadelphia — Radio OMAM were very freshly formed, but suddenly they were on the tip of every industry person's tongue.


Of Monsters & Men - Six Weeks

Of Monsters and Men - My Head Is An Animal




Tracklist: 1. Dirty Paws, 2. King And Lionheart, 3. Numb Bears, 4. Sloom, 5. Little Talks, 6. From Finner, 7. Six Weeks, 8. Love Love Love, 9. Your Bones,
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