2 month old baby sweaty hands and feet

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Very Sweaty Baby Feet Normal Or Hyperhidrosis? What to Do?

2 month old baby sweaty hands and feet

My month-old daughter's hands and feet sweat a lot - is this normal? If your baby has sweaty hands or feet, you probably don't think.

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My little guy's hands and feet are always so clammy. Even if he's not sucking on his hands his palms feel drenched. Is this normal? I know it's nothing to worry about but I find it strange how sweaty his hands and feet are. Yes, sweaty feet and hands over here! It's just because babies do not have good circulation yet. It'll go away once they become more active :.

Candice Hughes has been writing for more than 6 years. She is currently a contributor to a website about raw food, fitness and diet. Hughes received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English with a minor in psychology from Indiana University in You may be alarmed some mornings to find your baby sleeping in sweaty clothes and on sweaty sheets or worry when your infant cries so hard that he works up a sweat. Infants, even newborns, have fully developed sweat glands in their heads and necks and will often sweat to regulate body temperature. Excessive sweating may be a sign of something more serious, so if you are worried at all about your baby sweating, talk to your pediatrician.

I find it so strange and wonder if something is seriously wrong. It is surprisingly common for babies to have sweaty hands and feet and even more; sweaty heads. Overdressed Babies are often overdressed and the hands and feet are like the temperature gauge and start the perspiration off to cool down the body. For example, a common situation when babies are overdressed is in the stroller. You might realize that your baby has far too warm clothes on.

SINGAPORE: Sweating not only helps our body stay cool, it is the perfect physical response to warm temperatures, exercise, or to situations that make us anxious, nervous, angry or afraid. Dr Rajeev added that sweating especially happens in our feet or palms more often than other parts of our body because these areas have more sweat glands. Did you know that nobody, not even a baby, is exempted from sweating? Mum-of-three Cynthia Chew, noted that all three of her daughters had sweaty palms and feet right from the newborn stage. Excessive sweating in babies is normal, doctors say, as their bodies are not mature enough to regulate temperature. This will lessen as they grow.

I have a friend who lost her baby to SIDS 3 weeks Ago, and she said they she just cannot accept that he just stopped breathing- so she has been doing some of her own research and she said that he had shown signs, that he had had quite a few episodes of cold clammy sweats- and that he would scream when she put him on his back like it was hard for him to breathe. Even as early as 2 months he was trying to sit up whenever he was on his back. In the emergency room she said no one asked her if he had shown any signs- they only asked about her pregnancy and pre-natal care. When she started talking to other moms she found out that some of their babies had also had the cold sweats- and most of them died with a cold. When looking up cold clammy sweats- there seemed to be an association with heart arrhythmia and shock- or loss of blood flow to the body from the heart- but yet she says, you never read about the signs- or is it just coincidence in our area- do you ever hear parents say they noticed anything strange?

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It is surprisingly common for babies to have sweaty hands and feet and even more; by: AnonymousHi, my 3 months old baby boy very often has sweaty hands.
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