Facebook account hacked and password changed

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How to Check If Your Facebook Account Got Hackedand How Badly

facebook account hacked and password changed

i have not been on my fb account for 3 months when i went to log back in my password had been changed i tried to reset my password but could not because m.


Facebook and its more than 2 billion active users are an attractive target for hackers. Some of the more successful hacks appear in the news, but many hacks are smaller and affect only some Facebook users. If any of these telltale signs happen to you or you notice any other unusual activity, take fast action to protect your account. When you think your Facebook account may have been hacked, change your password before you do anything else. If you no longer have access to your Facebook account, immediately follow the steps described below. We've prepared step-by-step instructions for changing your Facebook password, shared at the bottom of this page. They could have guessed your password, or they may have set up an Evil Twin Wi-Fi hotspot at a coffee shop and stolen your credentials through a man-in-the-middle attack.

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Hacking Facebook accounts is one of the trending topics on the Internet.
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At the end of last month, Facebook made a bombshell disclosure : As many as 90 million of its users may have had their so-called access tokenswhich keep you logged into your account, so you don't have to sign in every timestolen by hackers. Friday, the company put the actual number at 30 million. Here's how to see if you were one of them, and if so, what the hackers got from your account. There might understandably be some confusion around the matter; a few weeks ago, Facebook logged out 90 million of its users out of an abundance of caution, making them reset their passwords and negating the access token hack. Over the next few days, Facebook will insert a customized message into the News Feeds of the 30 million people whose accounts were actually impacted, based on the extent of the damage. If you don't want to wait for the message to hit your News Feed to find out if you're okay, go ahead and see if you were among those hit at this page. The remaining 29 million users will see one of two messages, depending on the extent of the damage.

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In fact, having a Facebook account hijacked is not uncommon. There are many reasons someone might want to get control of your Facebook account. Stealing your personal information , including passwords you might use with banks and online retailers, is one major motivation. Forcing your Facebook account to share spam is another. Whatever the reason may be, hacked social media accounts are a fact of life. It's important to know what to do when your Facebook account is hacked.

How to Hack Facebook Password Using Mobile

This wikiHow teaches you how to attempt to recover your Facebook account after someone else has gained access to it. You can do this most easily by changing your password.

Facebook Hacked? What You Need to Do NOW

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Someone publishes something strange and uncharacteristic. It might be a naughty comment, inappropriate video, or controversial opinion. Their fans, friends, and followers may rib them about it. There have been cases where unscrupulous types have hijacked accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. In such cases, your hacker might send nasty messages to your friends, expose private pictures, or delete all your contacts.




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