Michel le and dre son

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Michel’le Dr. Dre Son – Marcel Young

michel le and dre son

Michel'le (Dre/Suge's Babymom): Dre Wouldn't Meet Suge in Compton

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We unearth 50 facts you didn't know about the Compton rapper turned billionaire entrepreneur. With singer Michel'le he had son Marcel and finally with his current wife Nicole he's had two more children, Trucie and Truly. When he was just 16 years old Dr Dre fathered a son called Curtis, who was brought up entirely by the boy's mother. Curtis and Dre only met 20 years after he was born. And guess what Curtis does for work?

Most of us, Old Schoolers, have always heard about the son that singer, Michel'le , had with music mogul, Dr. Dre, back in the day, but few of us.
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Dre, back in the day, but few of us have actually seen him. In fact, dude is so mysterious, that the chance of spotting him in the public spotlight with one of his parents, is like trying to spot Stacey Dash at a Black Lives Matter rally- slim to none. Check him out now…. Meet Dr. Dre is a very good father to his son:. Dre and a 10 year old daughter with Suge Knight do love and take care of their children.

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