Gordon and leslie diamond health care centre vancouver bc

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gordon and leslie diamond health care centre vancouver bc

The Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre (DHCC) is located at Laurel Street, just across the street from Vancouver General.

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Appointments are offered Monday-Thursday 8 am — pm. Phone lines are open Monday-Friday 8 am — pm closed pm. We believe that treatment from a multidisciplinary perspective is critical to improving the lives of affected women. Not only do we offer clinical care including medical and surgical treatments, we also offer educational interventions, pelvic floor physiotherapy, psychological, and sexual therapy. For women aged 19 years and older who are suffering from chronic vulvar pain vulvodynia. For women with chronic vulvar symptoms and or asymptomatic vulvar conditions and or lesions. For women with suspected cancer, suspected and or diagnosed pre-cancer of the vulva VIN , and or complex vulvar diseases requiring surgical intervention.

It supports , patients annually, as well as several hundred medical students and medical professionals. Innovation began early, with site excavation. Half the site required controlled rock blasting, which meant construction proceeded on one half of the building, while the other half was held back for blasting. The two halves were joined later. PCL had to ensure that people were able to move safely by foot, vehicle, and emergency helicopter. The project team worked closely with Navigation Canada to ensure required safety measures were met and that all pilots were prepared for takeoff and landing near a construction zone. All rights reserved.

On June 13, , a fire destroyed the tent hospital and by July, a new, one-storey building was built. In , located at the southern edge of the original Gastown settlement, a bed hospital opened, as the tent infirmary became too small. The upstairs ward was for female patients, the downstairs ward for males. In , British Columbia provincial legislature transferred control from the city's board of health to a board of 15 directors. In , in Fairview Ridge, overlooking False Creek , a new building, the Heather Pavilion, began housing staff and patients.

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Your Thoracic Health is our Priority. Surgical lung biopsy, and lung transplantation. Congenital anomalies of the tracheobronchial tree, lung, and esophagus in the adult. Acquired benign conditions such as myasthenia gravis, hyperparathyroidism due to mediastinal parathyroid adenoma, and sepsis in the pleural space, mediastinum, chest wall and lungs. Proximal airway disease, such as benign tracheal stenosis.




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