Difference between concave and convex

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Difference Between Convex and Concave Mirror

difference between concave and convex

Convex and Concave Lenses

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If you stand in front of a concave mirror, your reflection will look taller. If you stand in front of a convex mirror, the opposite will happen—your reflection will appear shorter. Does this help you understand the difference between concave and convex? Concave describes shapes that curve inward. The inside part of a bowl is a concave shape.

In this article, I'll compare concave vs. convex. I'll use each in a sentence, and I'll give.
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Mirror refers to any smooth polished or shining surface, that can reflect the light beam and form images. It can be of two types, i. The mirror whose reflecting surface is flat is a plane mirror whereas a mirror with the curved reflecting surface is termed as a spherical mirror. A spherical mirror is of two types, i. A convex mirror has a reflecting surface that bulges outside. The main difference between a convex and concave mirror lies in the image formed by the two mirrors, i. Basis for Comparison Convex Mirror Concave Mirror Meaning Convex mirror implies the mirror whose reflecting surface is away from the center of curvature.

The reflection of light by different surfaces have different properties. The image formed by the different mirrors have different characteristics. The mirrors are basically of two types, they are. Plane Mirrors 2. A plane mirror will produce an image of the same size, the image formed by a plane mirror is virtual, erect, laterally inverted and has a same size as that of the object and is formed same distance as that of the object from the mirror.

The lens is understood as a curved and transparent piece of glass or plastic, which focuses and refracts light rays in a certain manner. The curvature of the object ascertains the extent to which light is bent and in which direction. They are used in spectacles, microscope and telescopes. Based on the shape, the lens can be grouped as a convex lens or concave lens. The former brings together the parallel beam of light, while the latter disperses it. So, the point of focus in case of the convex lens is the point where all the light rays meet, i.

Difference between Concave and Convex mirrors

Difference between concave and convex mirrors

Difference Between Concave and Convex Mirror

Scientific and technical writers face unique challenges that the everyday writer may not have to worry about. This type of writing often describes concepts that are very complex, difficult to convey in ordinary English, or both. Even in our day to day lives, we sometimes use words that might seem more at home in scientific literature or esoteric datasheets. For instance, are the lenses in your sunglasses convex or concave? What about zoom lens on your camera? What do these words even mean? What does concave mean?




Concave and Convex mirrors are commmonnly called as spherical mirrors, the spherical mirrors have the radius of curvature twice of the focal length i.e. The concave mirror will produce magnified image and the object will look much bigger than that of the actual size of the object.
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