Damian wayne and raven fanfiction

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damian wayne and raven fanfiction

Damirae -- Over my head

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This is a story I have about a Robin x Raven pairing. The Justice League. The alarm clock was engulfed in a black aura and exploded into many pieces. I floated off my bed over to the closet and changed out of my black silk pajamas into my trademark outfit. I then headed to my bathroom to brush my teeth and ready for the day. When I headed over to the common room to make some tea I looked at the clock. M everyone won't be up for another 30 minutes.

Some time back, I posted this very heartwarming quote made by Raven towards Damian Wayne also seen in this video. But now I want to return to it since I find it to have much more meaning than I thought initially. On the surface, the line sounds like a statement of the very obvious. Raven is the first person to see Damian not as an expert fighter or even a superhero, but rather as a person of value. A person who she can be proud to be a friend for or be more intimate with. She tells him bad jokes and makes sarcastic remarks about the others and gets him a puppy!! Title: Desconocidos.

Damian X Raven fanfic - Assassin and Demon

This is my only fanfiction not be produced by Kirk or Skid. As this is a one off. I don't want to be too harsh on you" said Damian Raven blushed and nodded at his apology. Robin sat down on the rooftop, Raven sat next to him. Both sat there quietly until Damian spoke up "Raven, are you It's rare Damian makes a loving contact with anyone but Damian wrapped his arms around raven torso, rubbing her back gently comforting the girl, Raven wrapped her arms around Damian's waist.

Raven x NightWing FanFic

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Damian is lowkey jealous, Raven is embarrassed, and I'm terrible at summaries. Tune in to see what the fuck this is all about. A request that was sent to me - Damian has taken up his father's cowl, and as the Batman he worked closely the GCPD and their best detective, Raven, for the past few years.

Damian Wayne shambled out of his bedroom, slightly dazed from exhaustion, and slowly made his way into the elevator. He had been up all night slaving away at his computer, cataloging all of the events that had transpired since he had arrived at Titans Tower In the span of only three days, he had moved all the way from New Jersey to California, participated in an attack on the Justice League, and helped a half-demon sorceress defeat her own father, who just so happened to be literally the Devil himself. But Damian was well-prepared for that amount of action. He was a trained assassin prince with the blood of the Batman in his veins; leading a siege on the most powerful beings on Earth, and even in Hell, was well within his capabilities. But documenting such a monumental event was not an easy task. Not to say that he was inept regarding computers, of course; he had an astounding grasp on practically every programming language used by most major world governments, and he could crack into any computer security system with relative ease.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply 1. Lucky, Courtney happens to be in the Tower. But will this blow up in everyone's faces? Wally is starting to become an adult and Beast Boy suffers yet another loss. Located in Jump city they try to protect the city from the villanous hive and any other threats to come.


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