Tesla model s vs 3

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Tesla Model 3 vs Tesla Model S How Do The Two Compare?

tesla model s vs 3

Which Tesla is the FASTEST?

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The big and brawny Tesla Model S arrived on the scene like a thunderbolt in , obliterating any notion that a battery-electric vehicle had to be small and compromised. The Model S opened the eyes of the most ardent high-octane auto enthusiast to the ways of electrification. And yet, its six-figure price tag was beyond the reach of most consumers. Enter the Tesla Model 3 in Whether or not the Model 3 has achieved that lofty goal or if it soon will the Tesla commuter is a gorgeous, attainable EV that out-competes similar models from BMW and Mercedes-Benz in nearly every criteria.

Tesla has been heralded by the tech and motoring presses for its innovation, stirring up a fairly traditional market and introducing electric cars with a distinct buzz about them. Tesla has taken more than its fair share of headlines over the past few years. But what does Tesla really offer, what's coming in the future, and how can you you join in the fun? Its goal is to produce electric cars that are can be either premium or affordable for everyday consumers. Outside of EVs, Tesla is also exploring a wider ecosystem, offering a number of other solutions that leverage its experience in battery power. Tesla is expanding its offering. With the Model S making a huge impact on the market as one of the first pure electric cars, it's a company that's being hugely disruptive.

Model S is our flagship, premium sedan with more range, acceleration, displays and customization options. Model 3 is designed and built as a mass market.
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Since , Tesla has officially been selling two sedans, the Model S and the Model 3. Glad you asked. I've provided a simple breakdown. The bottom line is that you currently have more options with the Model 3, but the Model S is more premium and serves up better performance if you pay extra for it. Otherwise, although the cars are in different segments, they have a lot in common.

There is no other way to describe Tesla's rise to stardom in the car world than meteoric. From humble beginnings in , the company shot to prominence in with the launch of its first car, the Tesla Roadster. Today, Tesla is considered among the most innovative car makers worldwide. It scooped our Technology Award in for advancing the cause of electric motoring, and currently builds three all-electric models: the Model X luxury SUV, Model S luxury car and its latest addition, the Model 3 , with more on the way. The Model 3 is huge news for Tesla, not least because it's the cheapest car the company has ever made, and is therefore within the reach of a far wider audience than Tesla's other cars. Just how different is the Model 3 to its Model S sibling, though?

New Tesla Model 3 vs Model S: which electric car is best?

Tesla has made it a point to strongly emphasize that the Model S is its most premium flagship sedan. In most ways, the Model S is obviously better than Tesla's smaller, simpler and more affordable Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 Has 5 Key Advantages Over Model S

Published on March 25th, by Kyle Field. March 25th, by Kyle Field. The Tesla Model 3 opens up the promise of a long-range, affordable electric car to millions of new potential customers around the world. As the wait for a Model 3 continues to get longer and longer, many reservation holders are starting to look towards the Tesla Model S as a potential solution that is already available as a new or used vehicle. Having owned a Tesla Model S, and one of the lucky few to have spent time driving the Tesla Model 3 , I have a unique perspective on how the two stack up in real life. The Tesla Model S is a large luxury vehicle that seats 5 with an optional 2 seat option for a total seating capacity of 7.




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