The cavaliers drum and bugle corps

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the cavaliers drum and bugle corps

The Cavaliers is a performing arts organization whose mission is to provide a unique, life-changing experience based on excellence, teamwork, and.


The Cavaliers are currently under the direction of Adolph DeGrauwe , present. Jeffery Fiedler was the director from to ; Bruno Zuccala was director for and Known to fans as the "Cavies" and the "Green Machine", the Cavaliers are one of only two all-male corps in the activity, the other being the Madison Scouts. Perhaps the most visually dynamic corps, the Cavaliers use the raw athleticism of their members to the fullest extent possible, and have been pioneering forces in pushing the limit of high speed marching drill. He is the only person to ever serve as corps president for the Cavaliers - a role he has filled for nearly 60 years. Today the Cavaliers are sponsored by the village of Rosemont, IL.

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Our season begins in mid-May with about 4 weeks of rehearsals (known as “pre- tour”). Rehearsals are typically 12 hours a day, every day. Members do get.
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After the Madison Scouts expanded its "membership to all genders", effectively becoming a coed corps after the season, [1] the Cavaliers are now the sole remaining all-male corps in an activity that once was predominantly made up of "all boy" groups. Dressed in traditional Scout uniforms embellished with shoulder braids and white gloves, the corps was a parade corps until In , the corps found an additional sponsor in the American Legion Thaddeus Kosciuszko Post of Chicago's Little Warsaw neighborhood; rather than mispronounce the name, the corps members shortened it to K Army surplus dress shirts and pants dyed midnight blue, worn fully buttoned and with puttees. The following season, they were happy to accept the gift of hand-me-down uniforms from the General George Bell Post's corps, until discovering that the "new" new uniforms were even hotter wear for marching in summer parades. The corps' association with the Bell Post corps also led to their getting drum corps instructors.

Rehearsals are typically 12 hours a day, every day. Members do get several blocks of free time and a couple opportunities to do their laundry. This is by far the most tedious and challenging portion of the season. In mid-June we begin traveling and performing. The Cavaliers typically drive about 10,, miles each summer.

Their growing reputation as one of the best of Chicago's neighborhood drum corps soon led the boys in the troop to reorganize themselves as a standalone operation, borrowing their name and logo from a brand of then-popular cigarettes, and choosing their colors of green, black, and white - a name, logo, and color scheme that have part of the corps history ever since. Led by corps director Donald W. Warren, The Cavaliers began a rapid ascent in the ranks of drum corps, winning their first field contest in That rise continued through the rest of the decade, with The Cavaliers winning their first national championship at the VFW convention, breaking the stranglehold of East Coast drum corps and establishing the Midwest as the epicenter for championship drum corps for the next decade. The Cavaliers went on to be National Champions seven more times between and , a decade where they became known far and wide as "The Green Machine. In , The Cavaliers were instrumental in pulling together the concept that eventually became Drum Corps International. But the s saw the corps endure a tough decade, as the members struggled to keep pace with a rapidly-evolving art form.

The Cavaliers

Founder of Rosemont Cavaliers, trendsetter for drum and bugle corps dies

Don Warren, in his Wood Dale home, displays memorabilia from his year association with the Rosemont Cavaliers in as he steps back to take a less active role in the drum and bugle corps that he founded. Daily Herald file photo June The group's founder, Don Warren, died earlier this month in Arizona. Bev Horne Staff Photographer, Rosemont Cavaliers founder and president Don Warren addresses the Cavaliers faithful during the banquet. Courtesy of Building the Green Machine.






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