Designated survivor aaron and emily

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Designated Survivor season 3 ending explained: What happened at the end?

designated survivor aaron and emily

Name of The Game - Emily x Aaron (Designated Survivor)


Note: contains spoilers for Designated Survivor season 3. Cancelled after two seasons last spring, Designated Survivor got a welcome reprieve when Netflix announced they it was making a third season of the political drama series starring Kiefer Sutherland as reluctant POTUS Tom Kirkman. Tom Kirkman never dreamed of being POTUS it was only thanks to a disastrous attack on Washington DC that killed just about every political player in the first-ever episode of Designated Survivor that he got the job. The first two seasons focused on the dilemmas that the idealistic, independent as opposed to Democrat or Republican-leaning Kirkman faced in office, but by the time we caught up with him at the beginning of season 3 he'd decided he wanted to keep the position of most powerful man in the Western world well, it does come with a nice house , and planned to fight for it in an election. However, as anyone who reads the news knows, political campaigns are underhand and dirty, and by the end of the season it looked like even our hero could be corrupted. Could keeping this secret this be the first glimpse of a darker, more politically calculating Kirkman as he begins his second term in the White House?

Emily Rhodes is a character in the Designated Survivor series. Despite Aaron Shore's appointment as Chief of Staff, President Kirkman asked her to continue.
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Sorry President Kirkman, but your chief of staff got something more important to do than serving the country, such as dating your former chief of staff. Yeah, I feel like their whole relationship was kind of half-assed to be honest. But on the whole I believe we have more reason to feel hopeful for Emron than in a very long time. And I think she ships Emron, haha. I love Seth and I want him to be happy but they have already showed Emily and Aaron being love interests in season 1. I ship Emily and Seth as friends.

This review contains spoilers for Designated Survivor Season 3. Designated Survivor Season 3 is definitely feeling right at home on Netflix. The cursing fits into this world absolutely perfectly. I mean of course people in politics curse up a storm. How could they not?

Emily Rhodes is a character in the Designated Survivor series. She is portrayed by Italia Ricci. Emily's father left the family when Emily was very young, and they have had no contact for 23 years until the events of 'Two Ships". Moments after the Capitol Bombing , Emily made multiple attempts to gain access to the White House to speak with Tom who became the President of the United States but was denied. The next day, Emily agreed to go on a date with Aaron to see an Elvis impersonator. However, before the date, Kirkman asked Emily to investigate a list of White House staffers who could have betrayed the government and co-conspired the attack on the Capitol Building.

No continuation for Aaron and Emily


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Welcome to Mega Buzz, your go-to place for the latest and greatest spoilers on your favorite TV shows. We know you have questions, and we have answers! You can also catch up on all the latest Mega Buzz right here! And though the job swapping meant bad news for some sorry, Kimble Hookstraten Virginia Madsen one move will reunite one of our favorite teams But thanks to more internal shuffling and a sweet promotion, he'll be back to working very closely with the prez in one of the White House's most important roles. So he's in every episode, he's involved in all the stories, but he's got personal stories, too. This is great and all, but we're particularly interested in the "personal stories" part.

Emily Rhodes

President Kirkman might have survived that invasive joint Senate hearing to determine his mental fitness to continue his job, but unfortunately, that still wasn't enough to save his administration. Designated Survivor will not return for Season 3 and has officially been canceled, per Variety. The political drama from ABC starred Kiefer Sutherland as the leader of the free world, and ran for just two seasons before the network called it quits. Did the show always deliver high-brow, intellectually stimulating material for the politically savvy TV consumer? But it was exactly what it was supposed to be: An idealistic escape from America's political reality. The strong moral code and aspirational quality of Tom Kirkman made it easy to choose to believe a lot of the show's more unbelievable plot lines.

Netflix released Designated Survivor season three last week and fans have already made it to the ending and are wondering whether it means there will be another series of the show. The Designated Survivor season three ending on Netflix sees not only Tom Kirkman played by Kiefer Sutherland get re-elected but also a number of cast members get new jobs. The end of Designated Survivor also sees Kirkman grappling with his moral decisions. At the end of election day, Tom Kirkman finds himself re-elected as president after a fairly dirty campaign. Particularly, he is conflicted over his decision to not unearth the truth about his opponent Cornelius Moss Geoff Pierson.



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