Run and tell that homeboy

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Antoine Dodson's Baby -- He's A Father Now ... Run & Tell THAT, Homeboy!

run and tell that homeboy

Bed Intruder Song-RUN & TELL THAT, homeboy

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Show song. Songs lyrics and translations to be found here are protected by copyright of their owners and are meant for educative purposes only. Report illegal content. He's climbin in your windows He's snatchin your people up. Tryna rape em so y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wife and hide your husband cuz they're rapin errbody out here.

Video clip and lyrics Run and Tell that Homeboy by Antoine Dodson. Tryna rape em so y'all need to hide your kids, hide your wife hide your kids, hide your wif.
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Dodson became a weblebrity in after he was interviewed for a news story in Huntsville, AL about the attempted rape of his sister. And I totally understand that now. I have been awaken by the great and so should you. The Most High bless all and have a beautiful evening. Israel wake up and take full power of who you are.

Visit msnbc. Dodson issued a heated warning to the perp and the result was a viral clip that was uploaded to YouTube, made into a parody song and viewed millions of times. The other half of the profits go to the Gregory Brothers of Auto-tune the News , who created the remix a couple of days after the news clip was released. He is selling T-Shirts, has a blog and has recorded video responses to fan questions. He also has a management team, which sought him out after seeing the YouTube video. I enjoy it. I enjoy talking to everybody as much as I can.

The year is The Deepwater oil spill is caused an environmental disaster, Wikileaks published thousands of documents pertaining to military wrongdoing by whistleblower Chelsea Manning, and Antoine Dodson became a meme when he spoke to a local TV reporter after his sister was attacked in their home. His interview went viral, in part because of his righteous fury, but mostly because of the flamboyance with he delivered lines like "run and tell that, homeboy! Once the remix was uploaded, Dodson's popularity exploded. The song hit the Billboard Hot chart; it eventually went Platinum. Money from sales and licensing of the song allowed his family to move out of subsidized housing.

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So you can run and tell that, homeboy

First of all, there's a distinct possibility that we never would have had a black-ish president. Why is it that all of those people were living in the same house together? Antoine Dodson is in his mid '20s. And his sister is obviously no spring chicken either, if she's got all of those kids, though someone still found her rapeworthy an actual term apparently - I checked. The rapist, whom I'm surprised they haven't found, may have stalked her for a while before he decided to go in for the kill, so to speak. Otherwise, how would he have known to sneak into her bedroom?

Top definition. Run and tell that unknown. Meaning to go spread the word. To let it be known. To go tell everyone quickly. After Antoine Dodson, a young hero from Huntsville, AL, saved his sister from an attack he left a public message for the perp letting him know that this wasn't the end of the story, and that he would be caught. Antoine- " You don't have to come and confess.



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  1. We gon' find you, so you can run and tell that! Homeboy!" Antoine told the rapist he could "Run and Tell That, Run and Tell That, Run and Tell That Homeboy.

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