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Ben & Jerry's Is Turning 40. Here's How They Captured a Trend That Changed American Ice Cream

ben of ben and jerry

BEN & JERRY'S vs. HAAGEN-DAZS - Ice Cream Taste Test!


Ice cream is a sweet treat that few can resist. Although vanilla is the most popular flavor in the U. You could say that ice cream runs in their veins. During his senior year of high school, Ben drove an ice cream truck. After high school, he attended and dropped out of various colleges in the Northeast, eventually leaving his studies altogether to teach pottery on a working farm in New York's Adirondack region, where he also dabbled in ice cream-making.

Founded: Whoever coined the phrase "nice guys finish last" obviously never met Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield. By making humanitarianism and philanthropy integral parts of their business ethic, they found a way to combine profitability with social responsibility, created a progressive new approach to employee management, and built one of the largest ice cream empires in the world. Bored with their lives and wanting to do something that would be "fun," boyhood friends Cohen and Greenfield decided to start a food business in At first they considered making bagels. But when the necessary equipment turned out to cost more than they could afford, they settled for ice cream instead. There was only one problem-neither of them knew anything about the business.

Cohen and Greenfield's struggle to adapt their own Sixties-era personal values-the ideas of tolerance, of giving back to the community, and respect for the individual-has not been an easy one at times for the reluctant executives, but one that has consistently landed their company on lists of the most employee-friendly work-places in the United States. The boys met in the gym class at their Merrick, Long Island, school in the early s. It was a friendship, both would later joke, based on their mutual status as misfits-the overweight kids who were forced to run track. They remained friends though high school and both graduated from Merrick's Calhoun High in the late s. Cohen then enrolled in Colgate University, but uninspired by college life, he dropped out in his sophomore year. However, during his high school years, Cohen had driven an ice-cream truck in the suburban idylls of Long Island, and it was a mission he now happily returned to since he needed work.

Bennett Cohen born March 18, is an American businessman, activist, and philanthropist. Ben Cohen was born in Brooklyn. Raised in the town of Merrick on Long Island , by Jewish parents Frances and Irving, Cohen first met and befriended his future business partner Jerry Greenfield in a seventh grade high school gym class in He also undertook such menial work as McDonald's cashier , Pinkerton guard, deliverer of pottery wheels , a mop-boy at Jamesway and Friendly's , an assistant superintendent, ER clerk, and taxi driver , before settling on work as a craft teacher at a private school for emotionally disturbed adolescents. It was during his three years at the Highland Community School that he first experimented with making his own ice cream.

By Akila McConnell. But, do you know Ben's and Jerry's favorite flavors? What was their biggest argument? Are there cool perks to working at the company? He has said that he has no idea what flavors are, and has difficulty determining the differences in wines or spices, but he has a strong sense of mouth-feel and texture to compensate. Their only significant and long-running argument related to the size of the chunks to be included in their ice cream. Ben wanted large chunks while Jerry wanted small chunks since small chunks are easier to incorporate in the ice cream.

And, though they seemed to have stumbled onto ice cream by accident, their timing was remarkable. In the years that followed, they and their fellows would change the taste of American ice cream. Lever Bros. Good Humor was Number 7 with 2. They incorporated their business in , initially thinking of opening a bagel shop.

Ben & Jerry's

It was founded in in Burlington, Vermont , and sold in to British-Dutch conglomerate Unilever., Capitol Building. We spoke to them just before it happened.

Ben & Jerry Facts

Ben Cohen, 44, was born on Long Island. He went to university in New York, but dropped out in Separated with one daughter, he lives alone in Vermont. Jerry Greenfield, 44, was also born and brought up on Long Island. Having graduated from college in Ohio, he failed to get into medical school.



Why Ben and Jerry Just Got Arrested


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