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Neil Winters

neil off young and the restless

Neil Winters is Dead!

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Nearly three months after Kristoff St. As somber music began to play, more cast members were notified and hugged one another in solace. John who died at age 52 on Feb. John since dies unexpectedly. John that will include cast members sharing memories of their dear friend and colleague, along with memorable Neil Winters clips spanning his 27 years on the show.

Candace Young. Friday, April 5th, John wanted to make details clear surrounding the court filings regarding Kristoff St. Kristoff did not have a will. What was found were pages in a journal. There were things that were scribbled out, crossed out, and we just want to make sure my daughter just wants to make sure that his wishes are carried out. I talked to my husband every single day of [his] life.

Kristoff St.
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John announced that he will return in April Due to St. It has since been stated that the character's story will culminate by honoring both the character and actor in late April. Olivia and Nathan were engaged but Olivia's sister Dru wanted Nathan for herself. She had Neil attempt to woo Olivia away from Nathan. While doing so, he fell in love with her.

Created and introduced by William J. Bell , the role was portrayed by Kristoff St. John from until St. John's death in John last appeared as Neil on February 6, Over the years, Neil's storylines have involved his marriages to Drucilla Winters Victoria Rowell , as well as his conflict with his half-brother Malcolm Winters Shemar Moore. Neil's daughter, Lily Winters Christel Khalil , was involved in a paternity storyline, with Neil and Malcolm as potential fathers.

What Happened to Neil on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS

Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" found Neil Winters' family grappling with the news of his unexpected death, revealed the day before. The soap character was portrayed by Kristoff St. Hastings said.

'Young and the Restless': Kristoff St. John's Neil Winters may have died of massive stroke

Candace Young. Monday, April 15th, Updated April Soaps. The storyline will carry on through Friday April 26 with a special tribute to the actor on Monday April John tribute. On February 8 we learned that Young and the Restless plans to air a storyline surrounding the character of Neil Winters in the spring. Although a brief tribute was broadcast immediately following Kristoff St.

Y&R Announces Neil Winters Storyline to Honor Kristoff St. John






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  1. 'Young and the Restless': Kristoff St. John's Neil Winters may have died .. His death was revealed Tuesday, which kicked off a major plot point.

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