Adam lambert if i can t have you

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Watch Adam Lambert Move Cher to Tears With His Powerful Performance of "Believe"

adam lambert if i can t have you

Adam Lambert - Best of American Idol Performances

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We asked our readers to vote for their favorite performances from the show's history. Here are the results. Live on May 20, in Los Angeles, California. As was Lambert's strength during his run on the show, his originality shined once more with help from his "immaculate vocals," as Simon Cowell described them. Durbin made it to the Top Four on Season 10 but had already established himself as the resident metalhead. The show's Season Four winner wowed the judges and audience early by shifting from her country roots into a hard rock heroine for her delivery of Heart's "Alone. By the end, he had built it up into an anthemic and heavy version of the pop tune.

Whether you know Adam Lambert from his stint on the eighth season of American Idol or his larger-than-life performances with Queen , who opened the Oscars with a bang, you may think you've heard everything there is to know about the singer. But Lambert's story goes far beyond reality TV and sold-out stadium tours with an iconic rock band. From growing up as a self-professed "outsider" with no friends to finding solace in the theater, landing in the center of several headline-making controversies did you know he was once arrested in Finland?! This is the untold truth of Adam Lambert. Even at a young age, Lambert was unapologetically true to himself and, as a result, was a self-proclaimed "outsider.

Plus: How the season 8 contestants almost ended up in a 'Big Brother'-style scenario. I remember watching the first year when Kelly Clarkson won. I never thought that it was going to be as successful for me as it was and I was blown away. I was very lucky. I had to quit the job that I had in order to move forward, so it was a big risk for me.

Lambert was the perfect fit. Nine years later, Lambert would have to do it again. Only this time it was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, shortly after American Idol wrapped.
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I t's possible Adam Lambert views his latest triumph as a double-edged sword. The Hollywood Reporter noted a remarkable first about this : by displacing Carrie Underwood, Lambert had ensured that American Idol contestants had succeeded each other at No 1. That wasn't what everyone else was talking about, though. Elsewhere, the headlines were all about Lambert being the first openly gay artist to go straight into the Billboard charts at the top. Although the coverage stopped short of suggesting this was an achievement on a par with the discovery of penicillin, there was an unmistakable sense that Lambert's name must always come with a sexuality-defining adjective.

Now, with it almost time to release his fourth studio album, entitled Velvet , the all round talent is ready to share some more of himself with the world. We meet the. Really good, busy super excited to get this project out! Not at all no! There are a lot of 70s and 80s choices in there and it lives in a world that is a fusion of new and old it definitely has a vintage edge to it.

Cher 's been around for, well, a long time. She's seen her fair share of tribute performances, from the Broadway stage to the streets during gay pride parades, but it seems Adam Lambert 's Kennedy Center Honors performance may take the cake. The year-old singer-actress-activist was moved to tears by Lambert's performance of her dance hit "Believe. Lambert took the poppy song and slowed it down, turning it into a powerful ballad, wowing Cher and her fellow honorees including Reba McEntire. Our Favorite TV Shows of Cher, who recently returned to the big screen in this summer's Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again , took to Twitter to try and express her feelings about Lambert's performance. Other honorees at the ceremony included composer and pianist Philip Glass and jazz saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter.

If I Can't Have You


If I Can't Have You (American Idol Performance) Lyrics: Don't know why / I'm surrounded every lonely day / When there's got to be no chance for me / My life will.
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