What age can you start working at burger king

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Burger King

what age can you start working at burger king

What You Should Absolutely Never Order At Burger King

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About 30 percent of fast-food workers are teenagers age , with 40 percent are high school graduate, 27 percent is still in high school, and 26 percent in some college. Many teenagers do work in fast food industry, but the majority of fast-food workers are not teenagers. Minimum age to work at fast food restaurant is generally 16 year olds. Some restaurants in certain locations might hire 14 and 15 years old with limited work hours. Jobs for teens at Swensons Drive-In, a fast food restaurant chain in Ohio that offers American favorites such as hamburger, fries, onion rings, and many more.

That might not be as far-fetched as it seems. Burger King BK has a very simple hiring process for most of their positions, but it quickly gets long and a little complicated if you are applying for any management position. Burger King has application forms available in most of their restaurant locations, but they recommend that you apply online. Their positions are sorted by category first, then location. You can pick the role you want, and then find a location that is near where you live. Some restaurants use the same simple one-page application for the Managers as they do for the Entry-Level workers, but most use the longer form.

Each year, millions of young people across the U. In particular, Burger King experiences a sizable influx of applicants looking for both full-time and part-time jobs. Typically at 16 Years Old The minimum age for employment consideration rests at 16 for most entry-level jobs at Burger King restaurants throughout the United States. In some areas, work permits obtained through local governments may allow applicants younger than sixteen to work for the hamburger restaurant chain. No real employment history proves necessary to work for the international company.

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How Old to Work at Burger King?

Jobs for Teenagers at Fast Food Restaurants

Burger King Corporation, often shortened to BK, is a global chain of fast food restaurants with approx. Team Member A Team Manager is required to demonstrate an ability to interact with customers in relation to processing and preparing orders, solving complaints or other issues, receiving payments, and operating the cash register or POS terminal. High-standards in maintaining a safe and clean working environment are required, with a need to maintain a clean restaurant area, both inside and out; including maintaining the bathroom, parking lot, sidewalk and dumpsters. Stocking and uploading is also involved. Minimum age of applicants is 16 years old. Shift Coordinator Hourly A Shift Coordinator takes responsibility for a number of assigned tasks throughout a given shift where a manager is not on the premises.

How old do you have to be to work at burger king

Burger King Jobs Burger King is hiring! Sharing some key insights about the company. Take a look at the jobs that are posted and ready for you to apply! Be one of the first applicants. We'll even use your profile information to fill out some of your application for you, and provide you with updates on your application so you'll know when it's reviewed and if you're still being considered for the position. You won't gain any advantages over using StartWire, but if you prefer to go directly through the company, you have that option available to you. Note: You can only apply to one open position at a time.

Working in the same place for your job can make you get tired of things over time so if you like to have bk as a treat an now you get to eat it almost everyday I would be cautious. The only thing i would have to say is to bring in new stuff for most people i know we like to experience new features an tastes so having more choices and new decorations in your business will surly hipe the people to come. Such good people to work for, always clean and professional , good hours for starting your first job. Your response will be removed from the review this cannot be undone. View All num of num Close Esc.



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