Can you tell me what

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Hello! Could you tell me more details about...

can you tell me what

But if I say Could you tell me where is the bank, I am placing a double interrogation, in the forms of Could you and where is. So it tends to sound.

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For sure "Could you tell me what your name is? I asked myself similar questions many times :. Don't create double question in any case. So, could you tell me what he bought yesterday? I'm Ukrainian and it is not easy for me to get used to this since we use double question. The rules are different for indirect questions! Indirect: Could you tell me where Market Street is?

Click To Tweet. In , psychologists Shelly Duval and Robert Wicklund developed the theory of self-awareness :. In theory, this refers to your ability to consider self-awareness as a major mechanism or trigger of self-control. However, to come to grips with the way your brain works and is able to discard self-judgment and negative thoughts of yourself and the world, it can take time. Psychologist Daniel Goleman pinpoints self-awareness as being able to monitor our inner world, our thoughts and emotions as they arise. As a result, questions that involve talking about yourself can be rather challenging to a lot of people. If you find yourself being negative about something or too harsh on yourself, this could easily come out in your answering of this question.

They're both possible, but only if you punctuate the first one properly (and/or say it with the right rhythm). There's a difference in word order.
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This is a good way to ask for information from a bank teller, a store cashier, or a person you don't know. You ask using an embedded question. So instead of asking, "What is my balance? For more information on embedded questions, read here. Improve your English skills with Phrases AudioBook.

My sons and I prebooked our evening meal and breakfast so we didn't need a fridge,however there is a communal kitchen for those who wish to self cater. My sons brought their own hair dryer but I don't think the shower room had them any way. There wasn't any wi-fi which unbelievably didn't bother my sons. It was just nice to get back to basics and do a little bonding. Hope this helps! Sorry don't the answer to first two questions we went out to eat at the local pubs, and we have little hair.

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  1. i dont know if this is what your looking for but if you say "what is this? that is in the form of a if you say What this is its more in the.

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