Curved vs straight shower rod

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Do you like curved shower rods?

curved vs straight shower rod

Maytex Smart Rods Single Curved Shower Curtain Rod - Permanent Installation

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Our toilets are inches from the bathtubs. Would like to place curved shower rods but concerned that the shower curtains may drap too close to the toilets. Any suggestions here? Thank you. You can always mount the curved rod slightly further in than suggested on the pkg and still enjoy roomy space while inside the tub. That's what we did in our tiny MB. We have just the recommended 15" maybe a hair under between the tub and toilet.

Moen recently sent us two of their unique curved shower rods to review. If, however, you have a spacious, frameless glass shower you could play volleyball in and that might be featured on MTV Cribs, we are jealous of you and you have no business reading this review. First some additional pre-screening: Have you ever been showering and had your shower curtain glom onto you like a wet, possessed ghost? Do you have incredibly broad shoulders? Are you claustrophobic? Do you like to shower with friends? If any of these apply to you, or maybe you just want a stylish way to add a little more space in the shower, then the Moen Curved Shower Rod is for you!

By now everyone has experienced the hotel-style luxury of curved shower curtain rods. This updated take on the traditional shower rod bows.
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Ever wrestle with an expensive, hard-to-install curved shower curtain rod? Why bother? Where did these twisted monsters come from? Firstly, they are bulky metal contraptions whose material weight and toxic chroming process are quite eco-unfriendly. But seriously, why bother? Secondly, they require a complex installation that involves drilling, bolts or high-tension springs. That makes them prone to improper installation.

After my bathroom is painted tomorrow it will be time to add the finishing touches. I have been reading about them and found someone said that the curved area can be pulled down if the curtain is too heavy. Have any of you that have a curved rod found this to be true? Would you suggest I stay with a straight rod instead or do the advantages of the curved rod out weigh the disadvantages of it? Thank-you, Margie. We installed one last week - we love it.

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Straight Vs. Curved Shower Rods

By now everyone has experienced the hotel-style luxury of curved shower curtain rods. This updated take on the traditional shower rod bows out in the middle, pulling the shower curtain even further away from the shower wall and instantly providing a more spacious shower.

Curved Shower Rod, Why Bother?







Curved vs. straight shower rod and bathroom space



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