Fitbit charge 3 clock faces

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fitbit charge 3 clock faces

Fitbit Inspire HR vs Charge 3 - Fitness Tracker Review (2019)

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Getting started with the Fitbit Charge 3 may be straightforward, but there are plenty of features that lie within the company's latest fitness tracker that are waiting to be discovered. And while it may not be as feature-packed as Fitbit's two smartwatches, the Ionic and Versa , the third-generation fitness band still has plenty of new features to take advantage of. After two years out in the cold, the Charge has been upgraded with waterproofing, contactless payment support and an improved battery life. Read this: Which Fitbit is best for you? But how do you get the most out of the Fitbit Charge 3? Well, luckily for you, we've rounded up some top tips to help you out. Read on below for everything you need to know.

Fitbit's latest fitness tracker takes design cues from the company's smartwatch line, but in a fitness-device form. The sleek fitness tracker is swim proof up to 50m , boasts a touchscreen grayscale display, and is the first Fitbit tracker to take advantage of the relative Sp02 sensor. Also: Fitbit Ace: My kids go hands-on. Using the sensor, Fitbit is able to measure blood oxygen levels to track health conditions like sleep apnea. Additionally, users of the Versa and Ionic , both of which also have a relative Sp02 sensor, will have the option to place in a new program called Sleep Score beta. Using all of the data available on modern Fitbits, the company will score your nightly sleep and give you information about your sleep quality and what kind of impact -- if at all -- it has on you. The Charge 3 will have access to the Fitbit watch face store, with faces customized for the screen of the Charge 3.

Is the charge 3 easy to use or should I stick with charge 2? Will the 3 keep a constant heart rate? Oh wow, those are so disappointing! Thanks for your interest in Charge 3. Also, thanks for taking the time to post your inquiries about this tracker.

Go to Solution. I use Mod Clock Date, it gives me what you're requesting for. If you change the clock face, sync your tracker to see the change. This is a space where Community users can post features, ideas, and suggestions that they'd like to see in future Fitbit products, accessories, and software and top-voted suggestions get relayed to our product team for review. Please cast a vote for these ideas and leave a comment to show support for them. Was my post helpful? Give it a thumbs up to show your appreciation!

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There's not as much separating these fitness trackers as you might think. When it comes to fitness trackers, there are plenty of Fitbit options to choose from. Here's how two of the most popular Fitbits, the Charge 3 and the Versa, compare on everything from fitness features to getting notifications from your phone. Even though the Versa was released in early and the Charge 3 came out toward the end of the same year, Fitbit OS 3. The Charge 3 looks similar to many of Fitbit's previous trackers. It's a thin band with a physical button on the side. Both have touchscreens, although the Charge 3 has a monochrome display compared to the Versa's color LCD.

Fitbit Charge 3 vs. Versa: Which is the best fitness tracker?

Fitbit Charge 3 Clock Faces


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