Kenmore washer water inlet valve repair

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How to Repair a Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

kenmore washer water inlet valve repair

Washer Water Inlet Valve Assembly (part #W10364988) - How To Replace

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The water inlet valve on your washing machine is the part that the connect the two water hoses to the machine, and it controls the flow of both hot and cold water. A problem with the valve can cause the washer not to fill properly or not fill at all. There is little that you can do to repair the valve itself, but you can clean the two inlet ports to restore full water flow. You can also test the valve to determine whether it has failed. Replacing a bad valve is a simple job and must be done with parts and procedures that are specific to your washing machine model. Each port is controlled by a solenoid valve that sends electric power to open and close the flow of hot and cold water based on settings for the wash temperature and signals from the water-level switch.

Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the 2 screws on the back of the washer that hold the top panel. Holding the inlet water valve assembly to keep it from dropping into the washer cabinet, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 2 mounting screws. Avoid overtightening by turning the screws until they stop. Using your photo or labels to determine placement, push each water line onto its correct connection. Secure each line with its spring clamp. Using your photo or labels to determine placement, push each wire connector fully onto its connector spade. Thread the fill hoses onto the connections on the back of the washer, checking that hot and cold lines are in the correct place.

The solenoids attached to the valve open to allow hot, cold or a combination of the two water supplies to flow into the washtub, depending on the selections you make on the control panel. When the water fails to fill the washer or water slowly fills the washtub when not in use, the water inlet valve has failed and needs to be replaced. Unplug your Kenmore Elite washing machine. Turn off the water valves supplying water to the washer. Label the hot and cold water supply hoses with tape before you remove them from the rear of the washer, if necessary.

This video explains how to replace the water inlet valve on a vertical module top-load washing machine. Using channel lock pliers, carefully loosen and remove both hoses. Expect some water to pour out. Take a digital picture of the wiring connections or label them so you can reattach them correctly. Checking your photo or labels for correct placement, push each wire connector fully onto the correct connector spade. Reinstall the mounting screws. To avoid overtightening, turn each screw with the nut driver until it stops, then give the screw one firm twist to snug it in place.

Washer stopped at rinse cycle Removed the top and back panels. Replaced compoments and reassembled. Test run machine. Ran like new! Inlet valve leak Followed directions on the video and went like a charm. Very impressed with service and video


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