Transfer files from laptop to laptop

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Transfer Files Wirelessly Between Laptops

transfer files from laptop to laptop

how to share files between two computers or laptops

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David Chernicoff Feb 07, If you support mobile computer users, or if you're a road warrior yourself, you might have run into this situation: You're sitting in an airport with a coworker and the two of you realize you need to transfer a few files between your notebook computers. The files are too large to put on a floppy disk, so you decide to email them to your coworker as soon as you can access a phone line. But you probably already have everything you need to set up a file transfer network between your two computers. Most notebook computers made in the past few years have Infrared Data Association IrDA ports that you can use for 2-way communication, although few users use the port for anything but printing.

Sharing data and resources between computers is critical for most businesses; employees often need to exchange documents or other important files on a regular basis, particularly when those documents rely on collaboration. Fortunately, Windows 7 includes built-in components to enable PCs to share files with one another. You can set up a homegroup in Windows, meaning a network made up of one or more devices to allow you to transfer data to other laptops in the office and have them transfer data in return. Click the "Create a Homegroup" button. Confirm all items are selected except for "Printers.

Show less Moving your data from one laptop to another doesn't have to be a huge headache - there are several methods for quickly transferring digital data. The number and size of the files you're wanting moved, the types of laptops you are transferring between, and your own technical confidence will help determine which method is the best fit for you. To transfer files between 2 laptops, start by logging in to a cloud service, like Google Drive or Dropbox. Then, copy your files to the server. For more tips, including how to transfer files between laptops using a local network, read on!

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  1. If you have a networking device like a router, hub or switch, you can get the computers to talk to each other, but it requires quite a bit of additional work file sharing, permissions, firewall configurations, etc.

  2. How to Transfer Files Between Laptops. Moving your data from one laptop to another doesn't have to be a huge headache - there are several.

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