If a guy asks for your number is he interested

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20 Signs of Attraction in the First Conversation

if a guy asks for your number is he interested

He Asks for Your Number: If he asks you for your number, he intends to contact you and set up a date, in most cases. Keep in mind that he may.


Sign up or log in to share. You know guys who ask for girls numbers and they aren't interested in them? Not true, at all. Girls can be so blind when it comes to this but if a guy asks for your number and its not related to a school assignment or a project for work, then yeah no. He's interested in you and if he says otherwise that isn't true. I for one know I wouldn't randomly ask for a girls number I wasn't interested in.

You don't know. Some guys go around just collecting phone numbers because it's good practice for hitting on women. It could be a complement.
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The conversation was amazing, sparks seemed to be flying, and thennothing, nada. The popularized belief is that if a guy is interested, then he will make it abundantly clear by asking for your number, texting you, or just flat-out telling you. As a guy who has been in the dating scene for a while, I can speak on behalf of my fellow men when I say that it takes more than merely liking a girl to ask her out. I remember meeting this amazing girl in college. She was joyful, her laughter was infectious, and talking with her was incredibly easy. The only problem: My heart was broken.

Guys know that this makes a woman feel closer to them, so men who are taken or uninterested intentionally keep conversation to light topics like work or pop culture. Again, a taken or uninterested guy will make sure not to compliment you. You see him silence the ringer on his phone when he gets a call, but he never takes his eyes off you to do it. His eyes will widen, and usually so will his pupils. Uninterested or unavailable guys will make sure to look away, or sip their drink at appropriate increments of time to disengage.

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Do you want to know the signs of attraction that all guys give away, subtly or directly, each time they like a girl and are talking to her? Does he ask you personal questions in the very first conversation? Sometimes, a guy who likes you in the very first conversation may try too hard to please you. A lot. Every now and then, does he look for excuses to touch you?


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