Do girls like big balls

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Girls: do you like a man with big balls??

do girls like big balls

I like big balls but I don't think that your examples are comparable .. I [20M] have always had this kink where I absolutely dig the idea of a girl taking control and.

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Really tiny ones are weird-looking. I enjoy a hefty avocado-sized sack visually, I suppose. Stinky, hairy ones are gross and smell like piss. The bigger they are the grosser, because the more they look like elephants, you know, with the crinkly, rough feeling? Big balls are gross regardless of penis size.

Sign up or log in to share. After reading the other responses from the girls, I feel a lttle weird saying that I really love big balls. I have always been fascinated by guys' balls. My ex used to love it when I played with his balls and they were really big, like two eggs. He liked it when I would gradually squeeze them while I would stroke his penis till he couldn't take it anymore. He would come a lot harder this way. Strange combination, but kinda fun to play with.

Sign up or log in to share. I don't have a preference. I enjoy sucking them. Tbh I enjoy it when a girl sucks my balls, I don't know y exactly but it just feels awesome! As long as she doesn't get too carried away down there But all in all I really enjoy and I wish more girls would do it! I spend most of my time on the penis.

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  1. Do you have big balls? Do women like or care for big balls? Is it normal to have big balls? These are very frequent questions Google answers.

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