4 card keno 5 spot

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Four Card Keno

4 card keno 5 spot

Winning Keno numbers and patterns


You have to know that Keno game uses an RNG system when extracts the numbers; this means is extracting random numbers, without any connection with previous or next extractions. Yet, as in any game, there are different patterns which can be observed after a long game monitoring. The keno algorithm creates some patterns to be followed by gamblers, which advantages are offered to those players who know how to identify them. If a gambler is able to understand the way in which program is generating those random numbers, then he can take advantage of the game and will easily win at keno. Keno statistics show that often between 5 and 8 numbers from the previous extraction are repeated.

And then I developed a system of Keno Smart Charts to make it easy for anybody to do it. So this is my story. It is my true story of how a semi-professional video poker player turned into a killer keno player quite by accident. And, often in the same article, I would read that Keno had terrible odds. So I stayed away from Keno and became a semi-professional video poker player. I had to read a couple of books, study the different games, buy the best training software and practice diligently.

Genius strategy to catch the elusive 7 spot when playing Four Card Keno. Win more jackpots on all four cards! Takes nine numbers and reduces them to 7 spots Huge jackpots! Warning - this video is now out dated but contains a link to the the all Against all odds, the Four Card Keno 8 spot can actually be a big winner for you.

Selecting 4 Card Keno Base Numbers

4 card keno 5 spot

Keno Patterns

When Four Card Keno was introduced it was immediately embraced by veteran keno players, who recognized the obvious advantages of being able to mark up to four different keno tickets in the same game. In the previous two issues of Strictly Slots , I gave our readers a closer look at video keno , and I explained how this game can be a solid gamble if you approach it the right way. In this third and final article of this series, I want to talk about multi-card video keno, which gives you a shot at multiple jackpots. The introduction of multi-card keno games Four Card Keno and later Card Keno revolutionized video keno, much the way Triple Play and Five Play machines revolutionized video poker. These multi-card games gave the players the option of playing more than one keno ticket, thus expanding their chances of winning.

Anyone who has a keen interest in keno variations has considered trying four card keno at least once. Shortly after its introduction, the game was embraced by experienced keno players who recognized the superiority of 4 card keno over the standard game. If you want to get familiar with all bells and whistles of a successful four card keno strategy, keep reading and obtain first-hand information about the right multi-card keno playing technique. If you have read keno playing guides, you must have stumbled upon sources that draw a parallel between four card keno and multi-hand video poker. They switch to keno when they want to try something different from video poker that does not require the utilization of a complicated strategy. The concept of 4 card keno is very straightforward. Players are allowed to play up to four cards on the same keno game.

Glorious 5-spot

Since the note was written so thoughtfully and conscientiously, I thought I would reproduce it in full here:. It has taken me two years to refine my keno games. I can equal a 6-spot payout by collecting two fives. This happens between times each month. That calls for random spread formations to return as often as clusters of numbers.

That is, taking a group of numbers base and arranging them into smaller groups in the most efficient manner. In Four Card or 20 Card Keno, we know that the more numbers that you chose the more likely you are to win something. So the best approach is going to be a blend of selecting more numbers and having as many of those numbers overlap from one card to the other as possible. We use a base number to make that happen. A base number is larger than your target spot. If your target is a 5 spot, your base number might consist of 7 numbers that would be reduced to play 5 spots on the four different cards.



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