Is the world getting worse

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Are Things Getting Better or Worse?

is the world getting worse

Is the world getting better or worse? A look at the numbers - Steven Pinker


He became an economist at the World Bank and then a professor at CUNY ; on his blog, Globalinequality, he discusses economics and reminisces about the past. Recently, he published a post about his youth. He had been reading histories of the postwar decades, by Svetlana Alexievich, Tony Judt, and others. Was the past good or bad? Are we on the right track or the wrong one?

Aug 15, Only 17% of people expect the world to be better off in the future. All things considered, do you think the world is getting better or worse?.
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Is the World Getting Better or Worse?

Today, North America is facing not one but two revolutions: a revolution of possibility and a revolution of negation. This may not feel like a particularly revolutionary time. But, if we look closely, we can see current economic, social, and political forces pulling us in two directions.

Question of the week: is the world getting better or worse?

If you allow your perception of humanity to be shaped by the news, it is easy to lose sight of the narrative of human progress. Struggling democracies, suicide epidemics, climate change, and acts of violence are among the daily headlines that continue to overwhelm us with angst. It seems like every year is getting worse. Biologically, our brains are wired for a pessimism bias , which urges us to pay more attention to negative news. Social media has also created an echo chamber in which these headlines travel at the speed of light. In fact, it is critical for us to acknowledge the many challenges and atrocities in our modern-day society. However, focusing disproportionately on bad news is detrimental to our sense of empowerment as a species.

Safer, less war torn, richer and more equal. Even if inequality is getting worse and people are getting more selfish; nationalism et even populism are growing. But humanity is in dire straits because it is caught in this economic growth and capitalist system that is not sustainable for the planet which we are slowly but surely destroying. It will soon be too late to change this terrible fate that, if not our children, our grand-children will suffer. It is possible to change this terrible fate, but that will require a lowering of strandards of living for everbody. Instead, what we have is a terrible polarisation of society into the haves et the have-nots.

This is no wonder, when the news focuses on reporting catastrophes, terrorist attacks, wars and famines. The recent rise of populism that has swept across Western countries with Trump, Brexit, and the election of populists in Hungary and Italy, among various other factors, is thus of great concern if we care about global welfare. While some people glorify the past, one of the big facts of economic history is that until quite recently a significant part of the world population has lived under quite miserable conditions and this has been true throughout most of human history. The following seven charts show how the world has become a much better place compared to just a few decades ago. Click on the images to expand the charts in your browser. Even during the Industrial Revolution, average life expectancy across European countries did not exceed around 35 years. This does not imply that most people died in their late 30s or even 40s, since it was mostly very high levels of child mortality rates that pulled down the average.




New Evidence That the World Really Is Getting Better







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