Rebirth brass band do whatcha wanna

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Do Whatcha Wanna

rebirth brass band do whatcha wanna

Southern University Human Jukebox "Do Whatcha Wanna" @ Bacchus 2015

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Support trombone. Since the trombones do not feature the melodic lead I've plotted out the various melodies on the grand staff, but please keep in mind that my transcriptions are not meant to be note-for-note full scores. My focus is and always will be on the trombone solos and I want to show how they interact with the melody because the rhythmic divisions what I love the most about New Orleans music. For instance, this trombone solo is simply a bar, three note solo. The three pitches played are Eb, Ab, and Gb.

ChickenBones: A Journal. Impromptu Second Lines have taken place in Treme for over years. Somebody widely assumed to be a new resident, probably white called the police complaining about the noise. In Treme. Let me break it down.

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If you were to ask anybody from New Orleans about their favorite local band, there's a strong chance that they'd name Rebirth Brass Brand as one of their top picks. If you were to then ask them their favorite Rebirth song, chances are they'd name the band's local hit, "Do Whatcha Wanna. So as a fan of the classic original, I was a bit leery at the thought of a reworked version of this surefire party starter. In the first few seconds, I got even more nervous when I was greeted with what sounded like elevator music compared to the original's more uptempo intro. However, my nerves were quickly soothed when I heard the familiar horns kick in. Although it'll never hold a candle to the awesomeness of the original, I'm not mad at this take on it either. This song is a classic in New Orleans and I was waiting with some concern - like when I see gumbo on a menu in Boston.

Rebirth Brass Band is known for combining traditional New Orleans brass band music, including the New Orleans tradition of second line , with funk , jazz , soul and hip hop. For a time, he accompanied Rebirth at their local events, until he formed his own band, the Barbecue Swingers. Rebirth's longstanding regular Tuesday night gig at the Maple Leaf Bar on Oak Street in the Carrollton neighborhood of Uptown New Orleans is one of the pillars of the New Orleans music scene, and has served as a reliable introduction to the city's nightlife for many new arrivals to the city. During his speech commemorating the 10th year since Hurricane Katrina , President Barack Obama jokingly mentioned that maybe he'll "finally hear Rebirth at Maple Leaf on Tuesday night" after he is out of office. The band regularly tours North America and Europe. Several of the current and former members of Rebirth Brass Band are related by blood or marriage. Founding members Phil and Keith Frazier are brothers.


Rebirth Brass Band - Do Whatcha Wanna, Pt. 2 Lyrics

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  1. Background and performance tips on "do whatcha wanna". By mark braud. “Do Whatcha Wanna,” by the Rebirth Brass Band, has become one of the most.

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