God of war light of alfheim

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God of War The Light of Alfheim and Light Elf Sanctuary Guide - Stone Ancient Boss, Dark Elf Boss

god of war light of alfheim

Welcome to IGN's Walkthrough for God of War. This page contains information on the fourth step of your Journey - The Light of Alfheim - which.

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Head forward, down the bridge, to some white vines. You can destroy these with your axe, so throw your axe it to dispose of it and continue. Past the next set of vines, you find a Lore, The Eternal War, on the rocks near the right statue. You will also find a chest with some hacksilver near the Lore. Once you've gotten both of those things, continue down the bridge. You will encounter a new enemy: Dark Elves.

The bright realm of Alfheim is adorned with abundant and colorful flora, alongside luminous fauna which glitter the lands and skies of the Elf realm. The Elves' artistic architecture includes their unique light crystals, sapphire colored stones fueled by the Light of Alfheim that are plugged to structures in order to create bridges mades of solid light. While the Light is in the home of all Elves, the Light and Dark subraces have been at war for its possession for centuries, with the Light of Alfheim having changed masters back and forth over two hundred and thirteen times. When the Light Elves have control of the Light of Alfheim, the Light shines free and the skies of their realm are adorned blue. When the Dark Elves have it, the Light is concealed by a large plant of some sort and their skies are tainted red. However, the Vanir Freyr seemed to have been the one to give absolute control of the Light to the Light Elves for the longest they ever have, since the luminous beings named him their overlord and gave the God residence in their realm. It was most likely the Vanir's recent disappearance what gave the Dark Elves the advantage they needed to reclaim the Light for themselves.

This page contains information on the fourth step of your Journey - The Light of Alfheim - which will include paths to take, enemies to fight, and any collectibles you might find along the way. Spoiler Warning: This guide will refrain from story spoilers whenever possible, but may indicate possible spoilers in boss fights or other encounters - proceed at your own risk. New treasures and terrors alike await in this realm.
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Travel down the bridge until you encounter some large pink tentacle-like vines. There will be a glowing orb in the middle of the vine. Throw the axe through the orb to destroy the vines, and clear your path. Continue down the path, destroying the vines as you go. You will also run into dark elves for the first time. They can be irritating with their fast attacks and ability to fly.

The Light of Alfheim marks the fourth major quest in God of War , where Kratos and Atreus join forces with the Witch in an attempt to navigate their way to to an entirely other dimension. We also cover the Light Elf Sanctuary. Head forward and get Atreus to read out the brief lore passage from the runes on your left, and then continue down the path for you first combat encounter with some different enemies. Sever the two tendons blocking your path with one throw of your Leviathan Axe, and turn to the right to see a chest that you can open, which will reward you with a Muspelheim Cipher Piece. Now head down the slope from the other side of the door, and head towards the shop, turning left when you get there to find an angle from which you can slice all three tendons around the boat with a single throw of the axe. Continue ahead, and after Atreus has had his scene continue following the river downstream. In this fancy looking location, you can turn left and keep rowing until you see a small beach on your left.

Alfheim , and specifically the quest The Light of Alheim , is your next quest in God of War PS4's main story, with the first part unfolding across the Lake of Light and tasking you with finding out how to enter the Temple. Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to know about this section of your quest, including how to solve any puzzles, take down any bosses and find any useful loot along the way. For guides to specific collectibles we also have pages on Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers , Lost and Found locations and Faces of Magic locations , too. You can find links the others just below. Otherwise, you can always cycle back to our main God of War walkthrough and guide hub, or our guide to God of War Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers , too. Welcome to Alfheim, which we're going to guess translates literally to "Elf Realm".

God of War - Alfheim, The Light of Alfheim, Lake of Light, and how to enter the Temple




Use Atreus' new Pink Floyd laser light bow to create a bridge away rings for a coffin containing a Fragmented Heart of Alfheim.
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