Give me some chon chon

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Listen to Popeye - Pinche White Bitch Gimme Some Chon-Chon!!

give me some chon chon

The Balloon Girl Diaries Pt.1

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The ridiculous guitar sweeps, the audacious drum breaks and the mathy meters that never seem like they should add up, but always come through so smoothly. If you like math rock, you probably already know about CHON. From chunky, syncopated drum beats, to intricate, beautiful guitar sweeps, CHON make everything they play sound natural and groovy. Most songs are based around complex guitar arpeggios, with heavy and unpredictable rhythmic breaks splitting every track into more sections than I can count. CHON are a band with tremendous variety, tremendous style and solos that continue to surprise me no matter how many times I listen. This album takes each of those strengths to heart, but it also steps into new territory by building a little more structure into each song, providing distinct introductions and conclusions to many of the tracks. Ditching the vocals and the electronic vibes was a great choice for CHON, as it allowed each band member to focus on showing off their instrumental prowess.

Given the state of contemporary math rock, and in particular that of an instrumental nature, it is ever more difficult to stand out from a crowd. CHON have overcome this speed bump courtesy of two striking albums, and having now earned their seat at the table alongside some of the most enigmatic names the scene has to offer, they are set to return with full length number three, a self-titled addition that will surely add spice to their discography. If previous records were their cocoon, here they have emerged matured and ever more beautiful, glowing with the fever of confidence and musical aptitude. Captivating an audience without vocals is always a difficult ask. The way in which CHON employ hooks feels totally unique, and they ensure we are tuned in from the second that Ghost opens up the album.

Give Me Some Chon Chon


This record features no vocal collaborations, so depending on which camp you are in, you might react differently to it. Those against vocals in their music can rejoice; as for those who like vocals in their music, you can still enjoy this twelve-song masterpiece despite their absence. Chon focused on more simplistic structures in general, while also including some of their tastiest chops and solos yet. I first saw Chon in , when they were opening for Conquering Dystopia and Animals As Leaders , and they were so much fun to watch. Even though it was a heavier bill, they kept the crowd fully entertained with their dueling guitar licks.

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. Popeye : Hey, Cinderella, go find yourself a fella, you're on the clock bitch and midnight is coming, you got the wrong man. Miklo : What am I going to tell my parole officer? Popeye : Tell him to suck his pee-pee. Popeye : White bitch, give me some chon-chon. Miklo Velka : Get away from me.


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