Old man marries 12 year old

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80 year old Arab man marries 12 year old girl.

old man marries 12 year old

Man, 65, who posed with his YEAR-OLD 'bride' for photos Times Square is Social experiment: year-old marries year-old in NYC.

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Angry passers-by grabbed the girl away from the man while others demanded to call the police. This startling video shows the moment a year-old man paraded his 'child bride' in front of stunned New Yorkers for wedding pictures. Taken in Times Square, it shows the pensioner hugging a year-old girl and posing for photographs in wedding outfits as horrified passers-by look on. Many were left open-mouthed as the couple posed earlier this month, while others decided to step in. One woman asked the girl if she was OK, but before the schoolgirl could reply the elderly man said it was fine as he had her parents' permission.

New Yorker's didn't stand for a child getting married to an older man, which is what social experimenter Coby Persin counted on to bring awareness to the 33, child brides married off every day around the world. President Trump says Hurricane Dorian 'could be an absolute monster'. When the buff kangaroo requests chest scratches, you scratch. Coffs Harbour residents play in the snow during incredible hail. Department of Justice will not prosecute Comey over Trump memos. Triple murderer Berwyn Rees walks free from jail after 40 years.

Speaking in condemnation of the marriage, Hussaini Abdu Country Director for the child rights organisation in Nigeria said:. It not only robs them of their rights, but also of their childhoods. A girl who is married before the age of 18 is more likely to drop out of school, to become a child mother, to die during pregnancy or childbirth, and to be trapped in a lifetime of poverty. Girls in Nigeria are already treated as second class citizens, but when they are trapped in a marriage they never wanted, it is even more difficult for them to get their voices heard. Their hopes and dreams are limited as soon as they start their new lives, they are often cut off from family and friends, and they are highly likely to face domestic and sexual violence. It is a gross violation of their fundamental human rights, and there are absolutely no circumstances under which it should be acceptable. The government of Nigeria must do more to combat this practice, to protect girls and to enable them to live their lives freely, as equals to boys and men.

A story and video documenting as a 12 year old gets married. The message behind this story is much stronger than ever imagined.
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Having young children get married at a very young age will force them to live an adult life, carrying the heavy responsibilities and commitments in marriage and parenthood which are not yet appropriate for their age. Marrying at an early age will create confusion and lack of understanding, since maturity is a step by step process which one cannot force a child to view and address things in an adult perspective. According to the United Nations Population Fund more than 1. A social experiment was made in Lebanon, where there are parents who allow fix or forced marriage of their children as early as the age of 9. Entering in fixed and forced marriage can be taxing mentally, emotionally and physically for children to handle. Marriage at a very young age will affect their innocence, well-being, character, development and personality since they are not yet ready for the great responsibilities as wives and mothers.

65 Year Old Man Marries 12 Year Old Girl!

Discussion in ' Pervs in the News ' started by Lucy95 , Aug 19, , By Valerie Siebert For Dailymail. Sometimes in order to understand the reality of an awful global issue, people need to be able to see it happening right in front of them.

This startling video shows the moment a year-old man paraded his 'child Just last week we reported about a child bride getting married in.
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  1. I respect anybody's belief, but Muslims need to stop pretending as if Muhammad marrying 9 year-old Ayesha was normal. I said wtf I said, don't.

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