How do i reset my verizon phone to factory settings

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Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 edge - Factory Data Reset (Powered Off)

how do i reset my verizon phone to factory settings

Factory Data Reset (Powered Off) - Samsung Galaxy S® III Google account; System and app data; App settings; Downloaded apps; Media (Music, pictures.

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A Verizon Wireless handset that will not move past the initial Verizon start-up screen is frozen. Phones typically freeze because of a hard disk error. This problem can be fixed by performing a soft or hard reset, or infusing a simple jolt of energy from the power outlet. A soft reset recovers the phone from conflicts within the memory and system lockups. A hard reset restores the device's default settings, removing any present data or software that could be causing the conflict.

I switched from Verizon last month, and I had visual voicemail with them. I noticed a few weeks back that I no longer have it.
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I just factory reset my Verizon Samsung galaxy S5 to try and improve its performance. Resetting my phone reset those settings as well. I'm still able to receive and send text messages, but i no longer have 4G. Do you need to fix , replace or track a device? We Can Help With That! Sign up Sign up Sign in.

Related Topic: Factory Data Reset. Caution: If the device is responsive and can be powered on, the preferred reset method should be performed. If credentials are unknown, do one of the following: Attempt to sign in with any Google account previously used on the device. Reset the password. Perform a factory data reset only if absolutely necessary as it removes all data including: Contacts Email accounts System and app data App settings Downloaded apps Media Music, pictures and videos, etc.

Pixel™, Phone by Google - Factory Data Reset (Powered On)

Luckily the store in which a purchased my new plan was very helpful. Hey, elp!

Restore Default Settings - Samsung




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