How to cheat a background check

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how to cheat a background check

These words are subject to passing a background check. For many The second step is to cheat any pre-employment drugs tests. Applicants usually use a .

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There are six words which most job applicants absolutely dread. This is true especially for applicants who have a few kinks in their background. Most applicants think that the slightest blemish in their background will cause them not to get hired. So, what do some of them do? Well, they attempt to beat the system. The come up with ingenious and often disingenuous tricks to hide their background information. Any HR who desires to make great hires needs to learn these tricks, and how to uncover them.

However, there are a few more steps that must be completed before your job offer is finalized. In addition to a reference check, your employer mentioned they would like to conduct a background check. This report includes information, such as your credit history, employment history, and criminal record. What are they looking for? A background check is part of risk management. Have you ever wondered why employers go through the trouble of checking your background?

If you're job hunting, you need to be ready for a potential employer to do a background check. It's always a good idea to be aware of any red flags that might be on your record, so you can plan how to handle them. The best way to prepare for an employment background check is to know in advance all the information an employer might discover about you. Especially if you've been in the working world for a while, it's easy to forget a previous employment glitch or personal misstep that will cast you in a bad light. The most important thing is not to wait until you're in the middle of a job search to prepare for a background check. When interviewing for a job, you may need to answer questions about your credit record, your driving record, and other items and situations an employer may consider relevant.

During your job search process, you may get tied up in the process of submitting resumes, acing networking events, and perfecting your interview skills. What many job seekers forget is another hurdle to employment: background checks. There are a number of reasons employers run background checks. For instance, if they see you have many late payments or are otherwise irresponsible with money, they may see that as a liability. Additionally, criminal records can indicate a candidate may be prone to violence.

Job applicants are generally honest when it comes to background checks, but some have found ways to get around these checks. Here are five ways prospective employees might try to undermine the background check system to avoid revealing certain information that could prevent them from being hired. Omitting a Past Employer from a Job Application Job applicants might purposely leave off a past employer if they know that the employer will not provide a positive reference. While this might not seem as serious as providing false information to hide criminal activity, employers should keep in mind that this behavior reflects negatively on the job applicant. It shows that they might not have the honesty and integrity they claim to have, which can affect their job performance. Employers should also keep in mind that applicants might omit a past employer if they had complaints filed against them with the HR department. Providing a False Date of Birth Some job applicants enter a false date of birth to prevent criminal records from showing up on a background check.

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It turned out that the employee had intentionally given an incorrect date of birth so that his past record would not be discovered. The moral of the story was that date of birth is vitally important when it comes to a background check and without it, mistakes like this can occur even if a background screening company does everything right. Of course, as an employer you would hope that an incorrect date of birth if discovered wa. A few other ways job applicants might be trying to deceive you:. This is just a brief overview of things to look out for within the recruiting process. For more information, you can download our whitepaper, Applicants Do the Darndest Things.

Beyond that, choosing the right references and soaring through a background check can open doors that would otherwise be closed. Elizabeth Magill brings you the ultimate guide to remarkable references and beneficial background checks. Just how important are reference checks? Additional revealing aspects of the OfficeTeam survey detail the things hiring managers are looking for when contacting references:. Regarding background checks , organizations conduct background checks primarily for their own due diligence to avoid negligent hiring. After all, 53 percent of job applicants list untruths on their resumes , reports Business. A background check not only helps to protect the company, its employees, and customers, but also ensures that the prospective employee is who she says she is.

You should also know that you do have legal rights during this process. When going through a background check, it's important to be honest and provide accurate information. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 12 references. Categories: Background Checks.





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