How to stop feeling worthless

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How To Conquer A Feeling Of Worthlessness

how to stop feeling worthless

How To Deal With Depression - Stop Feeling Worthless Now


We spend so much time keeping a plethora of misshapen, silent things roiling around in the grey landscapes of our brains. But saying things aloud ensures that certain topics occupy space in front of our eyes, wherein examining them occurs without the self-destructive inner mechanisms our psyches keep so well-oiled. That feeling? Or meeting goals established by someone else in the hope that it will be reflected in a paycheck? This is often a life thread that leads back to our parents or other authority figures in our formative years. Parents are excellent at making the smaller beings we start out as remain the inner children guiding our later lives. Feeling unworthy of love is a way of punishing ourselves after giving of ourselves to a parent only to be rebuffed.

Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. I honestly feel worthless, I have never posted before but I feel so alone I had to share. How can I stop feeling worthless? It just doesn't magically go away, I've been through a lot of lies, loss and heartbreak. I keep it in because if I don't everyone around me worries, gets upset and doesn't understand.

One of the most common questions I get in regards to building self-confidence is "How do I stop feeling worthless? And, the answer is really shockingly simple. Yes, one decision you make is going to be more important than all the others. You MUST make this decision. Do it right now. Try it out.

If you have been struggling with self-esteem issues for any amount of time, you are not alone. People can develop discouraging thoughts about themselves for a variety of reasons, but with some support, you can transform these old ideas of worthlessness into new ones that are productive and promote positivity. You may feel down right now, but with practice, you can recover and feel good about yourself. Self-esteem issues can stem from several different sources and can vary between person to person. Here are some common reasons as to why you might be struggling right now:. Some of these issues will be covered within the article, but it is important to note that even though yours might not be listed here, your self-esteem issues can be treated effectively, regardless of the cause of them. This does not mean that your reasons for feeling worthless do not matter; rather, the techniques used by therapists to treat self-esteem issues can be applied to just about anywhere.

Self-Esteem: Why Do I Feel Worthless?

A sinking self-worth usually starts early. Maybe your caregivers criticized your every move, or maybe they criticized themselves and you learned to do the same with yourself. Journalist Anneli Rufus struggled with self-loathing for over 40 years.

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  1. I honestly feel worthless, I have never posted before but I feel so alone I had to share. How can I stop feeling worthless? It just doesn't magically.

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