How to replace a radiator

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How to Replace Your Car's Radiator

how to replace a radiator

Car radiators remove heat from coolant after it's cycled through the car engine. The radiator is a main part of the cooling system. Open the petcock valve or remove the lower radiator hose to drain the coolant from the radiator.

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Home Articles Radiator Replacement How to Replace a Radiator Easy step by step repair guide on how to replace an automotive radiator, though appearances may vary the process is similar for most vehicles. Begin with the engine cold, vehicle on level ground, transmission in park with the emergency brake on. Step 1 - With the engine cold only locate and remove the radiator cap, a small amount of pressure maybe released when loosened. Remove Radiator Cap Engine Cold Step 2 - Once the cap has been turned counter clockwise while pushing downward, lift the cap from the radiator. Radiator Cap Removed Step 3 - Next, remove lower shield mounting bolts while removing shielding. This will allow access the bottom of the radiator. Remove Lower Shield Mounting Bolts Step 4 - After removing the lower shielding, locate the radiator drain plug and start to loosen.

Check that the items in your pack match those illustrated on the instruction manual enclosed. If installing a Wilsona designer radiator, it can only be fitted using the brackets supplied. You may need to use different wall plugs and screws depending on the type of wall you have. Before you begin, there are a few things worth checking. First, check the condition of your wall. Are there any cracks or crumbling plaster? If so, you may have to make repairs before you fit your new radiator.

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Replacing a radiator when decorating or find out how to replace an old radiator with a new radiator. Follow the step by step instructions to changing a radiator over. Learn all about what you need to do to remove a radiator including turning off your heating system and draining a radiator or heating system, how to connect up valves and also how to reconnect a new radiator. Also find out about how to replace a radiator with one of a different size including how to access existing pipework, how to remove valves and valve adapters, how to fit new radiator brackets and how to connect and solder new pipework. Don't want to do this job yourself?

A competent mechanic can relatively easily diagnose automotive maladies that are heard or felt--but smells are more difficult. Say you're cruising along and notice a strange whiff of It's an unnaturally sweet and puzzling odor. But after you round the next corner, it's gone. As the road straightens out again, it's back. It's like someone has set a towel soaked in maple syrup on fire.

How to Replace a Radiator


How to Replace a Car Radiator





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  1. Removing and replacing radiators that are no longer working will save you money on your energy bills and ensure that your home is heated effectively and efficiently.

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