How to sneak into a concert

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Turns Out It's Incredibly Easy to Blag Your Way Into Festivals

how to sneak into a concert


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It all started with a cheeseburger. Can you say hormonal? I wish I could say this was the first time the two of us had made the four-hour round trip drive for cheeseburgers, but that would be a lie. Two hours of driving later, Amber and I finally sat down in the In-N-Out booth with a giant tray of double-double cheeseburgers protein style and an order of animal fries between us. After thoroughly inhaling the tray full of calories faster than your average frat guy can shotgun a beer, Amber and I slumped back into a casual food coma. Finally, Amber broke the silence.

Over the years I've managed to blag my way into various gigs and club nights using a few fairly simple swindles: climbing over roofs, agreeing to work the bar then saying I'm ill, successfully pretending to be an artist called "DJ Dirt-E" somewhere in Leeds, there is a bouncer who proudly took a photo with me in this guise; to him, I am sorry. It's not big and it's not clever, but — in my defence — every time I've done this kind of thing it's been because I had zero money and no way of getting in. Related: I'm skint at the moment, so decided to see how far I could push my scams by creating a load of festival -related personas and trying my luck at the gates. The journey began on a Friday, at a festival in Hackney's Victoria Park, which I went to in fancy dress as a security guard. Thanks to the festival hierarchy, there aren't too many people in a position to question you; as a "guard" your authority ranks below DJs, promoters and the police, but above basically anyone not in a hi-vis jacket.

Whenever I see her, she tells me she did some crazy thing. Inevitably, I ask how she got into these events. A savant of epic proportions. Music festivals. We sat down and she taught me everything there is to know about sneaking into an event, and I think we could all take a note or 30 from her about stealth-attendance. The head of security loved my persistence and attitude so much that she ended up letting me in … 10 minutes before countdown … during Diplo dropping one of my favorite tracks. It was magical.

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We know how it goes. Your bank balance is forcing you to sit on the fence. But all your friends are going. The hype is real. Then BOOM.

Sneaking into a concert can be a risky endeavor. Concerts have strong security and you're very likely to get caught, and possibly arrested. If possible, you should always try to get a ticket first and support your favorite musical artists. However, sometimes concerts sell out, or you just don't have the extra money for a concert ticket. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

While googling “How to sneak into a concert,” I accumulated a variety of tips that would aid me in getting into the Bon Iver concert for free.
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  1. How to Sneak Into a Concert. Sneaking into a concert can be a risky endeavor. Concerts have strong security and you're very likely to get.

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