No mans sky exosuit technology slots

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No Man’s Sky Inventory Management Guide – How To Save Inventory Space, Inventory Types

no mans sky exosuit technology slots

NO MAN'S SKY NEXT GUIDE - Best Exosuit Multitool and Ship Layout - Invincible Setup - Hawkes Gaming

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You can amass a fleet of your own ships and have them on a planet like your own, over-complicated series of shelves packed full of composite materials. One very important thing to note here about the inventories of your respective ships is that they cannot be upgraded. The easiest way to increase your exosuit inventory space is to actually purchase an upgrade specifically for it. Your exosuit has multiple inventories and all of them can be upgraded — one is for Technology, and another is for Cargo bulk goods, as the name suggests. You can buy one upgrade per space station that you encounter, and the vendor for it will be hanging about by the appearance customizer. The first Technology upgrade will set you back by 5, units, and this will get you a single extra slot.

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It provides storage for items that an avatar carries; offers protection from planetary hazards, hazardous flora , hostile fauna and aggressive sentinels ; and comes equipped with a jetpack. It has expandable inventory capabilities and its technology can be upgraded. Avatars can be customised at Appearance Modifiers on Space stations. The initial Exosuit has 24 General inventory slots and 4 Technology inventory slots; three of the general inventory slots always contain the following three basic technologies:. In addition to technology-based systems, the Exosuit is equipped with systems which, though they are not represented as a basic technology, provide fundamental functions for the Exosuit's wearer.

No Man's Sky can be a hugely rewarding and wondrous experience, it can also be a real pain in the butt sometimes. One of the most common sources for frustration in the game is to do with its inventory system, which almost always leads to issues involving a full inventory. It's likely the issue you'll run into first, but there are some tips to keep in mind when playing which can definitely alleviate some of the stress associated with No Man's Sky Storage and inventory management. Thanks to post-launch updates, the inventory in No Man's Sky is much more forgiving than it was at launch. There are now different sections of each inventory, meaning that you won't lose space for resources by installing tech, for example. This guide contains everything you need to know about inventories in No Man's Sky.


The Exosuit allows the player to survive hostile environments on planets and moons. It can be used on both land and water.



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