This email is part of a reserved domain

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Changes to LiveID/MSA and what I have done about it to get around the new domain limitations

this email is part of a reserved domain

.in domain restrictions

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When you create a Microsoft account , you can choose to sign in with any email account you currently use. We recommend using an email account that you monitor frequently. When creating a Microsoft account, you can use:. Note If you use a non-Microsoft email address to create your account, we will send a validation email to that address to verify that you have access. Simply find the email and follow the instructions to complete validation.

In the past you could create a MSA using an existing email address e. This is no longer an option. If you try to create a new MSA with a non Microsoft outlook. This limitation is actually a bit more complex than you might initially think, as it is not just your primary corporate work email it checks, it also checks any aliases you have. So in my case it would give the same error for richard mydomain. So if creating a new MSA you will need to create a user outlook.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Web Applications Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for power users of web applications. It only takes a minute to sign up. I've had a Hotmail account for over 15 years that I use as my primary account. So, what I ended up doing was removing all the alias', incl the original myname hotmail. Next thing I know I can't log into my Hotmail acct anymore with the original name, and it appears that I can't get email from that name either.

Microsoft Surface Forums. Multiple MS e-mail accounts under my single Outlook. Previous Thread Next Thread. Okay, so either this is some conspiracy on MS's part, they are completely inept, or I am just an idiot today. I am in the process of migrating completely to Outlook. Up until now, I have had my one Gmail account serving as a focal point for my 5 other xxx live.

"This email address is part of a reserved domain"

Windows 10 - Error when adding a new Microsoft Account with custom domain - This email is part of a reserved domain. And when I tried to re-add it, I got an error: This email is part of a reserved domain. - Please enter a different email address.

Live ID Reserved Domains

Discussion in ' CycleChat Cafe ' started by swee'pea99 , 27 Apr Log in or Sign up. Please Join Us it's free. CycleChat Cycling Forum. My daughter is trying to get email set up on her new HP laptop, but when she tries to log her address it offers two options: outlook.




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  1. The portion of your e-mail address that follows the symbol is part of a "reserved domain" such as live.

  2. When trying to add my old Hotmail alias to my Outlook account, I get this message: "This email address is part of a reserved domain such as,, or How can I add my Hotmail account to my Outlook? If you have two accounts, you canít add this.

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