Homeland season 2 episode 5

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Homeland: season two, episode five

homeland season 2 episode 5

Homeland - Alex Gansa on Brody's Interrogation - Season 2 Episode 5

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Robert Downey Jr. Sign in. See the list. Brody finds himself prisoner again, but this time it's on American soil. Meanwhile, Carrie is forced to play second fiddle after her rash judgment call at the hotel as Estes is busy keeping Jessica off their trail. Dana's relationship with Finn goes to the next level when their date night turns deadly serious.

This week, they threw in a sly reference to their former lives — "I figure we got 24 hours, tops," Estes said, straight-faced. Then a reference not so sly: Peter, Carrie's new boss, put a hole in Brody's hand and demanded the truth. Uh, Jack Bauer would like his knife back, and maybe another show. Have you seen Touch? Me neither. Peter's effort at torture didn't work, and Carrie was left to try a softer form of persuasion. Howard and Alex have always hated the fact that lefties stamped 24 as pro-torture, most famously in a New Yorker article.

After defying audience expectations with the sudden bluntness of Carrie Mathison Claire Danes turning what appeared to be a standard surveillance detail on suspected terrorist and current congressman Nicholas Brody Damian Lewis into an exceptionally bold recovery of the identity she'd lost as a result of her past failures with the man, Homeland confidently continues to charge headlong down an uncertain path. Last week, 'New Car Smell' acted as a sort of subtle do-over for Carrie and Brody, a chance for the two beguiling combatants to once more come face to face with one another and see whose lies could best trump the other's. Season 1 proved Brody had public favor on his side — he was, after all, a war hero who'd just spent nearly a decade as a POW and was now riding his popularity to a position of authority in the United States government. So round two begins and Carrie wastes no time throwing a haymaker no one — not even Saul Mandy Patinkin or the Indian-food loving Peter Quinn Rupert Friend , with all their eyes on Brody's hotel room — could really believe was coming. We can debate just what it was that Carrie saw in Brody's face that made her head up to room Did he really make her, or was she still riding the wave of adrenaline that came from finally getting to say, " I was right ," while Saul nodded along? Either way, Carrie's left to pace around between the unfinished rooms that would have been the Brody detail's HQ for the foreseeable future while Saul and Quinn explain to Estes why the guy they were following for all of a day is now shackled to a table in a makeshift interrogation room.

'Homeland' Recap, Season 2, Episode 5: Will 'Q&A Divide The Fans?

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