2015 ram 1500 5.7 oil type

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2015 ram 1500 5.7 oil type

RAM 1500 Oil Change - HEMI 5.7L - 2009-2017

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Performing all scheduled and recommended maintenance on your Ram is imperative to keep it running well, so you can avoid the many untimely, inconvenient, and possibly expensive repairs that come from neglect. Luckily, the days of the standardized manual maintenance schedule are coming to an end. All the owner has to do is schedule an appointment with a trusted mechanic , take the vehicle in for servicing, and a mechanic will take care of the rest. The Ram Oil Change Indicator system is not a simple oil quality sensor, but a software-based, algorithm-driven device that takes into account various operating conditions of the engine - the engine size, engine revolutions, and even ethanol levels in the fuel - to determine when the oil needs changing. That said, the computer does not strictly track mileage or the condition of the oil, but also tracks certain driving habits that can affect the life of the oil, as well as driving conditions such as temperature and driving terrain. Lighter, more moderate driving conditions and temperatures will require less frequent oil changes and maintenance, while more severe driving conditions will require more frequent oil changes and maintenance.

Dieselbro answered 3 years ago. Jamie answered about a year ago. Use 5W unless if burns oil. Try 10W if oil consumption is excessive. Beastleah answered about a year ago. GuruTJ27J answered about a year ago.

This was prompted by the following in my RAM owners manual, pages Engine Oil Viscosity L Engine (//
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Synthetic oil is vitally important to the longevity and durability of your engine, especially in the case of a pickup that works as hard as you do on the worksite and open road. Oil helps to lubricate your engine and gears, helping you achieve maximum torque, shift easily, and do more on the job site than you even thought possible. We should also mention that getting your oil changed frequently is important to keep your engine running the way it should. Here at Renfrew Chrysler, we combine oil changes with filter replacements and vehicle inspections, helping you get back on the road with that added peace of mind! Read More: Ram vs. If your Ram is ready to get some fresh new oil inside, contact us today at Renfrew Chrysler to set up a service appointment. Order Parts From Us.

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Understanding the Ram Oil Change Indicator and Service Indicator Lights

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