Do u need a passport to go to cancun

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Passport Required for Cancun

do u need a passport to go to cancun

Now, if you are a U.S. citizen, you must have a valid passport to visit the country, and this includes traveling to the popular resort destination of Cancun. However, Cancun passport requirements vary slightly depending on whether you are entering Mexico by air, land, or sea.

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Well Mexican law states that a passport is not necessary to enter Mexico. But since you will be travelling by air, The airline will require you to present your passport at time of checkin to travel. We are in Cancun right now You need a passport to get on the plane to Mexico from the USA and then return. You do not need a passport to enter Mexico.

An adult U. If you're getting away to Cancun and leaving from an airport in New York City , be prepared to get a passport as this document verifies your citizenship and is required to travel internationally. While a passport card, which looks much like a driver license, may be used to travel to the U. Anyone traveling from New York City to Cancun needs to have valid passport because the trip is international. You'll need to present your passport when you check in for your flight, as well as to the customs and immigration agents in Cancun. Get a passport by submitting your application, photo and fees at one of the passport acceptance agencies in the New York City area. But make sure to do this ahead of time as it can take between two and four weeks to process.

A passport is not always required when visiting Cancun. Kicking back on the white sands of Cancun, Mexico, for just an hour feels like a vacation. A few days or weeks feels like a dream — so it doesn't seem entirely unfair that you need a passport to do the trip. If you are thinking of making do with a passport card, that much-cheaper alternative to a passport book, don't do it if you plan to arrive by air. Most American tourists visiting Cancun arrive on an airplane.

Do You Need a Passport to Travel to Cancun From NYC?


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