717 area code zip code

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717 area code zip code

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Starting in the fall, the area code will begin begin assigned to new telephone numbers in central Pennsylvania. On Aug. Starting Aug. The Public Utility Commission this week voted on a new schedule for introducing the new area code, which will be an "overlay" code that covers all or parts of the 16 counties that current use the area code. The PUC announced in October that, because the area code would soon begin running out of numbers, that an overlay area -- -- would at some point start being assigned to new numbers.

Central Alabama including Birmingham; excludes the southeastern corner of Alabama and the deep south; see splits and W Washington state: Seattle and Bainbridge Island see splits , , ; overlay S California: Los Angeles see , , , Michigan: Oakland County, Pontiac split from ; see overlay Central Texas Waco, Stephenville; split, see , Texas: Houston Metro split ; overlay ,

Area codes and are telephone area codes which serve South Central Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna Valley. They cover the Harrisburg, Lancaster.
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Until , Pennsylvania had four area codes — northwest , Pittsburgh area , central and Philadelphia. With the increased use of cell phones and consumers purchasing additional lines in their homes, the demand for additional telephone lines exploded. This demand put the four area codes in Pennsylvania in jeopardy. Since then, five more were added from through in greater Pittsburgh, in Northeastern Pa. In , another code was activated in the greater Pittsburgh area Over the succeeding years, conservation measures implemented by the Commission and the FCC delayed additional area exhaustions until when the area code was added to portions of the state. On Oct.

Establish a local presence by purchasing a phone number in area code Phone numbers in area code are associated with the state of Pennsylvania. There are currently at least 4 U. ZIP Codes associated with this telephone area code. In addition, there are at least NXX's the three-digit code that makes up digits of a standard digit U. There are at least U.

Area code 717

Area code 717

717 Area Code 717 - Map, time zone with Zip codes by Area Code Lookup

The area code serves the city of Lancaster in the state of Pennsylvania. A total of 15 counties a reserved by this area code. The city follows the Eastern Standard time zone. The area code was one of the original area codes and was brought into effect in To know more about what area code is and what all cities are covered by this area code, below is a brief description of this area code.

Area codes and are telephone area codes which serve South Central Pennsylvania and the Susquehanna Valley. They cover the Harrisburg , Lancaster and York metropolitan areas as well as most of the area generally known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country —covering an area of nearly two million people. The main area code, , was one of the original area codes established in It originally covered the eastern half of the state except for the Delaware and Lehigh valleys, which were in area code It stretched from the Maryland border to the south to the New York and New Jersey borders, making it the largest of Pennsylvania's original four plan areas and the second-largest east of the Mississippi River that did not cover an entire state, after Michigan 's

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  1. Back in there were significant changes made to the phone systems, requiring the use of the area code to dial out not only meant dialing 3 extra digits but this did effect some home security systems.

  2. CITY and (COUNTY), ZIP CODE, STATE, AREA CODE. Abbottstown - (Adams), , Pennsylvania, Adamstown - (Lancaster), , Pennsylvania,

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