The rock returns to help mick foley from evolution

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The Rock Returns And Helps Mick Foley Against Evolution 2004

the rock returns to help mick foley from evolution

The Rock returns to help Mick Foley against La' Resistance (2003)

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Michael Francis "Mick" Foley, Sr. June 7, is an American actor , author, comedian, voice actor, and retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under a Legends contract. Most recently he appeared as the general manager of Raw. In addition, he also makes regular appearances on the independent circuit. Throughout his wrestling career, Foley has wrestled both under his real name and under various personas most notably Cactus Jack, Mankind and Dude Love. Following his retirement from a full-time wrestling schedule, Foley appeared occasionally with WWE as a special guest referee and, later, a color commentator for the SmackDown brand.

WWE News. Mick Foley has controversially declared he felt it was a mistake to make him WWF world champion in in one of the greatest moments in the history of Monday Night Raw. It is no exaggeration to say Foley - as himself, Mankind, Dude Love and even Cactus Jack - is one of the men most associated with the company's flagship show. And it is also no exaggeration to say one particular Foley match played a huge part in swaying the momentum in the Monday Night War against World Championship Wrestling in favour of the then-WWF. Having been behind for almost two years in a fierce battle for television ratings supremacy in the late s, the WWF made the decision to have Foley - as Mankind - beat The Rock for their world title two decades ago on January 4,

Michael Francis Foley born June 7, is an American author, actor, and former professional wrestler and color commentator. He is currently signed to WWE. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of WWE, [4] and participated in the main event of WrestleMania in and as a special guest referee in the former. Foley has wrestled under his real name and various personas. When Foley got to the WWF in , he debuted the persona known as Mankind , a masked, mentally deranged loner who stuffed a smelly gym sock in his opponents' mouths and spent his spare time dwelling in boiler rooms; and later Foley debuted Dude Love , a relaxed, fun-loving, jive-talking, tie-dyed shirt wearing hippie. Foley's dedicated and physical style of wrestling led him to often participate in violent and brutal matches that involved him taking dangerous bumps and putting his body through a considerable physical toll, and would sometimes cause him or his opponents to bleed copiously, earning him the moniker "The Hardcore Legend". At school, he wrestled and played lacrosse , [6] [8] and was a classmate and wrestling teammate of actor Kevin James.

The Rock returns to help Mick Foley against Evolution: Raw, March 1, WWE has released a clip of the Rock returning to save Foley from.
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Rock N Sock lives! One of the most randomly awesome pairings in wrestling history has to be the Rock and Mick Foley. This was part of the Foley vs. Randy Orton feud, which went on for the better part of a year. Foley knew he needed help and made a phone call, but had Rock there before Evolution knew he was coming. Opinion : I love watching these two together.

Follow me on Twitter nyyrobinson. Many believed that this was The Rock's final match ever in the WWE and he would never return to the squared circle again. However, it would be via-satellite, on a pre-recorded segment. However, The Rock did say his movie, Doom , wasn't any better. In celebration of the 10th year of WWE Smackdown, a show that The Rock is credited for because of the word 'Smackdown', he made a special appearance.

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