Enter the observatory destiny 2

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How-to Get Seed of Light – All Three Seeds – Destiny 2: Forsaken

enter the observatory destiny 2

Destiny 2 Forsaken - Awakening: Rendezvous With Petra Venj in Observatory Dialogue Sequence (2018)

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Hidden cats are NPCs in Destiny 2. They were added in the Forsaken DLC. When you approach them, the game will most probably tell you you lack something. However, if you turn up with the appropriate item, the cat will exchange it for a piece of legendary gear. That item is called Small Gift.

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Story was never an exceptionally strong suit of the Destiny games--all the best lore and stories have been locked into text files rather than presented in-game. But things have gotten better on the story front with Forsaken , Destiny 2 's big expansion for its second year. Rather than drop everything in one big campaign players immediately burned through, Bungie has slowly been delivering new story tidbits with each weekly update, while making good on old lore teases and tidbits. Many of these new pieces of the puzzle specifically relate to the Dreaming City, Forsaken's big endgame area and the home of the Awoken race, and the Curse, a strange phenomenon that's keeping the place trapped in a three-week time loop. Though the time loop continues, there recently was a change in one of the repetitions: a new cutscene.

New to Shacknews? Signup for a Free Account. When the curse is at its strongest in the Dreaming City, players can access a nightmarish world called the Shattered Throne. It's important to note that the Shattered Throne is only available during the weeks when the curse is at its strongest. To tell when the curse is at its strongest, head to the Dreaming City and look for Taken Blights floating in the air, there will also be black "rain" floating up from the ground.

When Destiny 2 released in September , the gaming community was enthusiastic about the sequel to one of the most contentious franchises in recent years. The graphics were lauded, and the villain, Ghaul, was praised for the way he was humanized with real motivation. About a month later, however, grumblings of boredom arose from the player base. The dreaded lack of content returned to plague Bungie as it has occasionally in the first Destiny. From engaging secret missions to collecting Triumphs to regularly-scheduled events, Forsaken and its subsequent DLCs are poised to keep gamers happy for a long time. Even though the DLC has been out for almost two months, there are a number of things you may not know that you can do, either because you might not play it enough, you simply play a couple modes or play the basics in the game, or you feel overpowered with everything Bungie keeps adding.

Destiny 2 Resurrected A Character Who Could Change Everything In The Story

Fallen Scorn Taken Hive Ahamkara. Petra Venj is the world vendor for the city. - Curiously, there are also several hidden cat statues hidden around the place, and these are some of the most reliable sources of Reverie Dawn armor and Dreaming City weapons.

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By completing a quest for Ikora, players could obtain a Seed of Light, which can be used to unlock one subclass for either the Solar, Void, or Arc power sets. One player will have to insert a Charge of Light into the Well, kicking off a survival mode that culminates in a boss battle. The event itself is pretty straightforward. These can show up as rare drops in the Dreaming City, or can be obtained by completing a Tier I activation of the Blind Well. Unfortunately, the Seed of Light is a random drop from a Tier II completion, so you might have to run the event a few times to get it.

Learn how-to obtain all three Seeds of Light and gain all of the abilities for your new super in Destiny 2: Forsaken! If you've been wondering how to get those last two seeds, then this Seed of Light Guide should help you finish that up. The first one is obviously very easy, but the second and third will require you to be in the power level range, so be sure to equip yourself heavily before attempting to get your additional seeds.


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