Chester bennington lamb of god

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chester bennington lamb of god

Cross Off - Mark Morton ft Chester Bennington [HQ] with lyrics

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According to Morton , Chester "loved" the song "Cross Off" in its initial form and "we kind of went back and forth about doing it. And then we got in the same room and did it," he explained. And that was, to me, one of the more memorable parts of that experience. In terms of what he was excited… I think he just genuinely really liked the song — I think that's why he was there, 'cause he really liked that song. And I happen to know he was very, very excited about the idea of screaming and doing something heavier than what he's been doing lately. That meant a lot to him — he was very vocal about being excited about that.

This is a solo album full of prime guest spots. An all new music video has been released for this. You can watch for yourself right here:. While speaking with Metal Hammer in recent history, Mark spoke on this collaboration and how it came about:. He heard the song and he was in.

Bennington appears on the song "Cross Off" from Morton 's upcoming solo album, "Anesthetic". Bennington worked on the song in spring of , just a few months before he hanged himself at his Los Angeles-area home. Morton explained: "I'm so grateful to have had that experience with him and had that time with him and been able to collaborate with him and write a song with Chester. He was just great to be around, awesome to work with. And that was a thrill for him, knowing that people would get to hear him scream on a track again. And just to work with him and watch him sing that song and see his technical ability in real time, it was amazing. Asked if he felt the need to pursue the blessing of anyone close to Chester before releasing the song, Mark said: "I don't wanna get too deep into that, but yeah, for sure.

Hear Chester Bennington on Lamb Of God guitarist’s new song

Three years ago, Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton surprised fans with his solo song " SnowBound ," a full-on fusion song. This song comes on the heels of " The Truth Is Dead ," a light vs. -


Well, it would be Chester Bennington. And I, honestly, didn't even know if my work with Lamb or whatever was on Chester's radar at all. But we.
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