What is a pink lady drink

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Pink Lady Classic Cocktail Recipe

what is a pink lady drink

How To Make the Pink Lady Cocktail

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However, the Pink Lady is the perfect cocktail to try if you are timid with egg whites, as the lemon juice further reduces any risks posed by consuming raw egg whites. And statistics from the National Safety Council have shown that the risks of salmonella are far lower these days than in previous decades. Next, you need a good gin and applejack liquor and some grenadine. Tip: the standard garnish for a pink lady cocktail is a cherry, but a twist of lemon would also be nice. NOTE: the pictures with more foam use an additional egg white frothed and then spooned on top. The Pink Lady is a classic cocktail with a fun, frothy texture and a sweet-and-tart taste that plays out beautifully.

The Pink Lady is a classic cocktail that has a light blush color from by a few dashes of grenadine. It was one of the first "girly drinks" and a favorite of the high society ladies from the s through the s. This cocktail is very enjoyable because it's not too sweet. Unlike many of today's pink cocktails , it has a slight fruity sweetness from the grenadine, but the botanicals of a good gin still shine and provide a nice flavor contrast. The Pink Lady has a much drier, gently tart flavor profile than one might expect from its name. If you prefer, you can simply skip the egg. Omitting the egg will not greatly impact the flavor of the drink.

For information on how to enable Javascript on your browser click here. SHAKE all ingredients with ice and fine strain into chilled glass. Despite the colour, this drink is sharp and alcoholic. There are approximately calories in one serving of Pink Lady. Shaking not only mixes a drink, it also chills, dilutes and aerates it. Along with stirring shaking is the most common technique employed to mix cocktails. When straining a shaken drink, a Hawthorn strainer tends to be used, but when straining a stirred drink it is traditional to use a Julep strainer.

The Pink Lady is a classic gin -based cocktail with a long history. Its pink color is due to adding grenadine. The exact ingredients for the pink lady vary, but all variations have the use of gin, grenadine and egg white in common. According to the Royal Cafe Cocktail Book of , it is made with a glass of gin, a tablespoon of grenadine and the white of one egg, shaken and strained into a glass. Often lemon juice is added to the basic form as well and in that case the Pink Lady is identical to another cocktail called Clover Club. Some authors argue that the "real" or "original" pink lady differs from the Clover Club by adding applejack to mix, which provides the Pink Lady with its own distinct flavour. Another creamier version of the Pink Lady that has been around at least since the s adds sweet cream to the basic form.

All products on sale. Search Search. Martini glass. Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously 8 to 10 seconds. Strain over glass using an ice strainer.


Try the Delicious Pink Lady, She's Not as Sweet as She Looks

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  1. The Pink Lady is a delightful blush-pink cocktail. The classic recipe pairs gin and applejack in a dry, semi-tart drink with a hint of sweetness.

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